EASYKOBO.COM presents Nigeria’s 1st Free NSE Stock Trials

July 9 (Lagos) –Easykobo Finance website welcomes you to the new and improved easykobo.com experience. In December 2010,Easykobo.com was formed during the financial crisis to bring a fresh approach to investing in the Nigeria capital markets, website was upgraded last month.

Easykobo.com now features Nigeria’s first free Stock trials simulation with exciting prizes for winners including an Apple Ipad 3.

Thousands of our visitors are now learning practical trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange listed stocks without putting in real money. This will go a long way in changing people’s mindsets about investing in the stock market. It will only happen if they can see that they can get returns on their investments. This Stock Game goes a long way in helping people understand the Nigerian stock market and judging what are the good stocks to buy once they are ready to invest with real money. The Stock trails will run till December 14, when the winners will be announced. The stock trials will then re-start in January 2013.

When a User registers to play the Stock Game, hishttp://www.easykobo.com/ account is credited with N 50 million play money. This is to be used to buy and sell listed stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The top players will be judged based on their Return on Investment at the end of the game period. In this way we are helping re-ignite the peoples’ interest in investing in Nigerian companies listed on the stock exchange in Lagos.

We are proud to be the first website in Nigeria to offer such a unique service. This only shows that we are different from other finance websites in the Country who have existed for a while. This also affirms that we are here for betterment of Investors in Nigeria and that is why this service is free for all to use. We are free, unbiased and have no vested interest in the Stock Exchange movements apart from seeing it rise back to where it belongs.

Over 60% of activity on the Nigerian Stock Exchange is carried out by foreigners. We believe that the NSE cannot bounce back to its glory days until Nigerians get involved in investing in stocks listed on the exchange. This is our bona fide initiative to boost investor sentiment in Nigeria and that is why it is 100% free.

We hope maximum number of people in Nigeria make use of this free service and find out if they can get real returns from investing in the Nigerian Stock Exchange in Lagos.