Man Wants To Re-unite With Family After Winning N1million on Star Game Show

Chinedu Agoh’s story is particularly touching. Here is a young man with a wife and a two-year-old son who earned N10,000 monthly as a driver in Aba, Abia State. After searching for work, he got another job as a driver, this time in a hotel in Enugu, with a monthly take home pay of N25,000. Chinedu packed his bags and relocated to Enugu. His wife, a student of Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, currently resides in one of the hostel apartments, near the school, with his son.
After sorting out his family, the young man resorted to sleeping in the “underground room” of the hotel where he is currently employed in Enugu. He said the place stinks, but he had no choice but to sleep on the bare floor, using ‘wrappers’ and ‘card boxes’ as mattress.
Then one night when he went out to relax, ‘shacked’ Star lager beer and won a raffle ticket to participate in the Star TV Game Show. To cut the long story short, three people won N1 million naira each on the third edition of the 2012 Star TV Game Show and Chinedu was among them. The other two are Chidiaka Onyeachonam and Abiodun Ali.
But what is very touching is that Chinedu wants to use the money to re-unite with his family. Hear him: “With this one million naira; I will pay for an accommodation for us to come back together as a family and open a bank account for my son.”
He obviously had kind words for Star. “Other brands make me sick but Star keeps me strong. Star is the leading brand. I love Star and appreciate the brand’s work as it keeps shining.”
I’m not yabbing o, but I think a typical Nigerian man will spend 900k to buy a car before even thinking of his family. That’s why I think ladies should pray for a man like this that will put the comfort of his family first.