New Book Reveals How Gaddafi Abused Teenage Girls

Former Libya dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi may be known for many horrendous acts, but no one knew he molested teenage girls until recently.

French reporter Annick Cojean gathered horrific accounts from the girls forced into the former Libyan dictator’s harem for the account published last week. The book published gave accounts of how the late dictator beat and raped kidnapped schoolgirls he used as s*x slaves. He owned a harem where he kept and abused them at will.

Several of his victims recounted their experiences in the hand of the tyrant no one knew was worse than just a tyrant.

Ms Cojean, a reporter for French newspaper Le Monde, said the account in the book had been one of her ‘most painful investigations’.

In an interview with France24, she said: “For Gaddafi, rape was a weapon…a way of dominating others – women, obviously, because it was easy, but also men, by possessing their wives and daughters.”

If the lives lost as a result of Gaddafi’s tyranny was not enough to hate him, what about these innocent girls who were abused?


  1. How much more unfounded and fake stories will this pple continue to produce.?libya was a good welfare state where even unemployed pple were paid salaries,where education and health was free,NATO intervened,u guys took it ol away from,libya is a shadow of itself,and ol d west do is try 2 justify dier selfish actions by creating stories about ghaddafi.

  2. And that is how they re-write the history of Africans and teach you things. It’s a pity some among us are still dumb and desperate to eat every shit that comes out of their white masters anus. Up till this day. Go ahead. Eat it. Smh


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