[Opinion] Why You Should Never Give Up in That Stride

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Raymond Nkannebe
Nkannebe Raymond is a Lawyer and an essayist with addictive interest in Nigerian and African politics. Believing in the power of the pen, he intends to contribute to governance through articles and commentaries that serve to keep government on their foot. He hopes to publish a collection of his essays soon, and possibly delve into legal fiction as God permits him.

How many times have we been tossed about by the hurricane winds of fate? How many times have we laboured and given all our efforts whether physically,mentally, and otherwise but at the end of the day it all amounted to a futility? How many job interviews have you attended only to be dismissed in the traditional “we shall get back to you” manner? How many times have you asked: where is the reason for living when all efforts at a better life amounts to little or nothing?

One in every three persons standing have undergone the following ugly but life changing scenarios depicted above. Its even worse when looked at from the Nigerian standpoint where the welfare of the citizenry is not enough reason why the government should loose sleep. Whenever i hear a case of suicide in any part of the country and yonder i am always shocked and troubled about the few or many reasons that may have warranted the cruel act of suicide. It pricks my conscience the more, when the foregoing life threatening issues pops up in my mind as the possible accessories to the act.

We live in a world where the heart of the average man is every now and then preoccupied with the intention to do or achieve a particular goal but fate comes in to either delay or annihilate the dreams. So whatever it is you are working at, whatever it is you have given all your effort but yet have failed to materialise, it is not enough for you to give up the fight. Are you a young writer hoping to be celebrated someday? Keep up the good work you do, develop love and passion for it, the fame and huge accounts may not be coming now, but let your passion for what you do pay your goal bills. Are you a student, a job seeker, a footballer, an artiste whatever it is,keep up the struggle, make your passion your finance, sleep with your dreams, wake up with your goals and aims and be comforted with what you do. Never was it known where success came so cheap and your own story cannot be an exception. Keep the work going, broadcast what you do and on a final note, trust in God. No success ever came without God’s grace.

No body is doomed more than one who thinks they can succeed without God. Whatever it is you do, know that you have come a long way and going back will not only be fatal but also unwise and before you look up, you will make the headlines. The three p’s of success: patience, persistence and perseverance are only what you need. Dont give up on that stride today because your tomorrow will surely be better. God bless Nigeria.

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