CAN Gen Sec, Others Condemn Tunde Bakare Over Private Jet Comments

It seems we’ve not heard the last of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s birthday gift as Pastor Tunde Bakare’s comment about a need for revolution because certain eminent religious leaders have private jets, has been greatly condemned by religious leaders.

Reacting to Pastor Bakare’s comment, the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Musa Asake; Director of National Issues of CAN in charge of North West Zone, Rev. Haruna Karatu; and the PRO of 19 northern states and Abuja CAN, Elder Sunday Oibe said there is nothing wrong with people donating aircraft to their religious leaders.

Bakare had said, a few days after church members donated a private jet to Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor as a birthday present, that a bloody revolution that would consume religious leaders who are acquiring private jets would soon break out in the country, as he urged their congregations to challenge them to explain where and how they raised the money to procure such expensive jets.

Responding, the CAN secretary said: “What is wrong with giving a birthday gift to Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor? Did he embezzle church money? Did he collect somebody’s money? If a group of people come together to buy him a jet to ease his evangelical work, why should that be a subject of public debate?

“Oritsejafor is a man of God. He is doing everything for the work of God”. Also speaking on the ongoing debate in social media especially the tweet by former Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir el Rufai, Elder Eghes Eyieyien said Nigerian pastors who own private jets should not be envied because they travel very frequently around the world ministering.

“Redeemed Christian Church of God has thousands of branches and millions of members on all continents of the world. Winners’ Chapel and Christ Embassy equally have many international branches and hundreds of thousands of members. Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Oyakhilome travel thousands of kilometres monthly doing God’s work and have to be in places not well-served by commercial flights,” he said.


  1. Tunde bakare has lost every strand of respect he attracts. He is an egocentric power-fluke; eaten up by insecurity, disfocus, envy, poverty,and indescipline. He should shut up and mind his frustrated ministry. His criticisms r so inconsequencial, since he lost with a blood-sucking islamic vampire in d last election. He has no reputation!

    • Please Jakes Wallace try and be civil while discussing issues. You will appreciate the position of this guy when you become more educated and less bigoted. It is okay for congregations to contribute money and build schools that their own children cannot afford to attend. It is okay for congregations to buy jets for pastors even when they are battling hunger and poverty. It is okay for the pastors to receive such gifts. This called ” Made in Nigeria Christianity”

  2. What exactly does a pastor need a private jet for?is it to create jobs?seriously birthday gift or no birthday gift its just ridiculous.its still embezzlement one way or the other.

    • Let me got striaght up,we are in fast eroding world from our creator.if u have to travel from where you @ to another state,u need the fastest means thereof, good.parhaps a car,further more a plane,which will erasing your 1414 sescot lorries or chukwedili lugxirous buses expireance.and somebody gives you a prado jeep,yes and ok.this is a fast mode,again flight schudule alot of times funny me. and you end up a chartered personal carrier and zoom off,then somebody give a plane. I think its no big deal. nothing’s wrong with that.go get yours.endtime is here.

  3. Just for the Records Niyi, Christ Embassy has millions of members in Nigeria and around the world but doesn’t own a single private jet.

    Its not like the church cannot afford one, It’s about setting priorities. Besides, Pastor Chris doesn’t have to fly around the world to tocuh lives. He can do that from one spot via several satelite TV stations, terrestial TV, internet media, tablets, ipads, Rhapsody of realities, yookos, DVDs etc.

  4. Its obvious Jake Wallace and Osita are the biggest fools on this comment thread. I want to believe they think with their anus and must have so much fart in their brain. The donors needs to be investigated and certified tax payers that’s if its even true it was donated by church members and not a device to take people”s attention away from actual source. How do u carry out evangelism in countries where the mission was established. Tunde Bakare is right and when the time comes, the supporters of this avarice men shall be consumed as well.

  5. Shame on all our religious leaders & their cohorts. Religious slavery & encapsulation is only position in African countries. Kudos to Pastor Bakare for his stand. I’m sure d cost of ‎​d private jet will provide 100s of bore holes or primary health facilities for many village communities in Nigeria. I think this is more rewarding. Private jet for a single individual in a country where most of d populace survive on less than $1 everyday is senseless & criminal. Religion is being used as a tool for oppressing d poor mass. Our generically weak & incompetent GEJ was at d occassion where d jet was presented. You dare not try that during Buhari Idiagbon regim. Few Nigerians that have private jets stole from d public treasury or are involved in one criminal act or d other. Very very soon d oppressed Nigerians will take arm against d few oppressors. If nothing is wrong about d donation, I’ll appeal to CAN to publish d details of all d contributors- name, amount contibuted & their source of fund. If this can’t be done, may d wrath of Almighty as contained in d Holy Bible be upon our leaders (religious & secular).

    • I hope you know the definition of Religion. You are making a universal statement such as shame on all Religion Shehu. Do you have a religion? even if it is our Traditional religion, it is a religion so why not just be direct to the person that is wrong today?

    • Tunde Bakare is the voice of conscience in Nigerian Christianity. He might have made one mistake or another as a human being, but I don’t think any Nigeria pastor can stand before this man on issues of honesty, integrity and straightforwardness.

  6. All I want to say is that we should leave it all to God to judge. Cos as for me,I cant head a congregation where one single member of my church cannot afford 3 square meals daily and feel comfortable riding about in a Private Jet….Moreover,, great evangelism can also be done indirectly in d commercial Jets….Thats mine though..

  7. S̶̲̅ many christiian’s psychics ђa̶̲̥̅̊vε̲̣̣̣̥ been bastardised by this S̶̲̅ called pastors. They cant see anything wrong in pastors owning private jets but every thing ɪ̣̝̇§ wrong with that. Let oritsejafor come out and tell us the group that actually bought this jet. Let us see details ☀̤̣̈̇f this transaction. They keep aquiring wealth at the expense ☀̤̣̈̇f their millions ☀̤̣̈̇f impoverished members.yet the member go about singing their praises. Look at Mother theresa, martin luther king (jr),Nelson mandela,mahatma ghandi some ☀̤̣̈̇f them Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ not even christians. They brought closer †̥ the people by the works ☀̤̣̈̇f their hands and not by living austentatious lives. I mean a̶̲̥̅̊ life ☀̤̣̈̇f vanity. The cost ☀̤̣̈̇f buying a̶̲̥̅̊ jet WȊ̝̊̅ℓℓ give jobs †̥ atleast 20,000 youths. The cost of hanging and maintenance Will create jobs for atleast 5,000 youths. Why must this money be put into wasteful ventures? Until this mentality ɪ̣̝̇s changed Afrca Will remain stagnant.

  8. The one whom I didn’t vote 2 preach but teaches me 2 fear God deserves my all. But de one whom I took pains 2 vote in order 2 govern well ended up looting state money. Tunde Bakare is a shame 2 hav beckon on infidels 2 judge sons of de kingdom.

  9. Jake wallace, who’s da vampire nw? I think u shud fish out da vampires in ur church dat steal ppl’s money nd buy private jet. Buhari is an innocent man dat has no ‘private jet’.the earlier u remove dat foolish ideology from ur fish brain the better for u.

  10. Pastors just dey oppress una & una still dey talk blindly. If una like carry your check book dash the pastors that wan no concern me. Me I no be mumu wey I go donate kobo to pastor chop with em family.
    If I wan do God work I go look for motherless babies home (Orphanage) give my money to them period. All this lazy people wey go just wake up one day talk say dem don see vision. If fit sit down for my bed craft vision, mission & objective all na Strategic Management & dey teach us for school.
    The next thing now pastor go talk say he see vision say church members must build house like Aso Rock or on top water for am to leave with em family.

  11. Please can we in our right frame of mind,ask ourselves a simple
    question!What does an individual needs a private jet for?
    Let alone a so called man of God.were as if u go to that ministry,
    u will see unemployed youths,members who has financial problem,even the ones squatting with friends in a room.Let us all remember that God is watching.

  12. No wonder OBJ said CAN – my foot. Gandhi said ” Your Christ I love, but you Christians I hate”. Ayo did not run away from all appearances of evil and this jet plane is now giving the world a weapon to attack Nigerian Christians. Anyway we all know that Nigerian Christianity is not totally based on Biblical principles

  13. Kai! If God had wanted nigerians to breath a sigh of relief,he would have given us buhari and bakare to rule this country but reverse is the case.Well, we can still appreciate God by given us what we ve asked him and stop pointing accusing fingers on perpetrators of evil.

  14. It pains me to the bone marrow that some Nigerians ” IKem Okosa ” are not sincere in the least. Does RCCG, Christ Embassy, and Winners have more worshipers than catholic church?
    But the Pope does not own a Private Jet. Then what are we talking about? These Nigerians are men that have found the Church a fertile ground to enrich themselves at the expense of their members. We are watching ,for sure God will not be silent for too long.

  15. It is really disturbing that our christian religious leaders are owning private jets as if they are business men. It is more disturbing and painful that they acquire these jets to the detrement of their poor congregation. What kind of evangelical missions do they embark on that will warrant them to purchase private jets, even when their members are jobless and starving to death. Where on earth do they travel to for evangelism that commercial flights don’t ply? It is a shame and disgrace that our men of God will extort their congregations in the name of tithes and offerings and most cases, donations of different kinds to enrich themselves. They receive monies and gifts from our thieving politicians, ritualist and 419ers without asking where these evil men got the monies they give to them from. Come to think of it, how many Imams, Catholic priests or leaders of other religions own private jets? The love of materialism has taken over christiandom, and the earlier we repent of our sins, the better for us all. What shall it profit our religious leaders if they own all the private jets in the world, all the private universities, all the luxery cars and mansions in the world in loose their souls?


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