Couple To Spend One Year In Jail For Kissing On A Beach

A couple jailed for kissing in public in Dubai claim the man was only trying to give the woman CPR when she suffered an asthma attack.


The pair, a 28-year-old Indian man and a 25-year-old Filipino woman, were spotted ‘wrestling’ by a child who told his mother who called the police.

The lovebirds will now have to spend a year in jail, after which they will be deported.

The couple, co-workers at a Dubai McDonald’s, were seen in an intimate situation in the lifeguard tower on Jumeirah Open Beach on December 17, The National reported.

Despite admitting to police upon their arrest that they were a couple, the man and woman pleaded not guilty to kissing in public.

‘That was absolutely untrue. We did not kiss. My colleague suffered an asthma while we were seated there and I performed CPR on her,’ argued the man.

The couple confessed to drinking alcohol without a license and said they went to the beach at around 9.30pm after they had drinks at a hotel in Deira.

They were seen by a woman who had been alerted by her child who said a man and a woman were ‘wrestling’ in the wooden lifeguard tower on the beach.

She claims she saw pair kiss and touch each other intimately ‘for an hour’.

‘I was shocked when I spotted them seated in a position that looked like they were making love.

‘They were indulged in a very intimate situation, but they were not naked. Immediately I called 999,’ the woman claimed.

The defendants pleaded not guilty to committing a lewd act in public, but confessed to drinking alcohol without a license.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court convicted the defendants of committing a lewd act in public and sentenced them to 12 months in jail.

They were also fined 1,000 UAE dirham (£173) each for consuming alcohol.

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