Nigeria Is A Joke – Eboue

EboueThere is a popular saying that goes thus: he who gathers insect infested firewood should be prepared to receive lizards in his home. When Nigeria was still a reckoning force in world football, Cote d’ Ivoire were still cutting their teeth in the round leather game but like everything that is subject to change, the Super Eagles fell from their Olympian heights and are now a butt of jokes from the likes of Emmanuel Eboue.

The Galatasaray of Turkey and Elephant of Cote d’ Ivoire defender, through his twitter handle @TheRealEboue, congratulated Nigeria shortly after progressing to reach the knock-out stages but was quick to caution Nigeria not to celebrate too much as the Elephants are coming for them.

The Super Eagles will trade tackles with the Elephants who also parade a host of stars in what is billed to be a keenly contested quarter final match on Sunday.

His first tweet read: “Congrat to Nigeria. Don’t celebrate too much cuz we are coming for you. We are going to eat you like fufu”.

Minutes later, the Ivorian defender tweeted again: “Sorry guys, point of correction. We are going to eat Nigeria like #SuperFriedChickens.”

From then on, a series of rants on Twitter targetting not only the Super Eagles but Nigeria as a country – a situation that has seen some twitter users arguing that Eboue was being impersonated.

Some of the tweets read:

“@TheRealEboueI see ppl saying I hv pride by saying we wud eat Nigeria like fried chickens, it’s not pride guys, it’s hardwork & passion 4 my country”

“@TheRealEboue: In Nigeria team, some of your best strikers like martins, yakubu & odewinge are not in the team. Why? No peace, passion, & humility”

“@TheRealEboue: Ivory has some of the top players in d world, and when our country calls. We go. We go back home and play. Nobody is a big boy. So shut it”

“@TheRealEboue: A country where mikel obi is your best player & captain . Out of 150million people. You sure have a problem super chickens”

“@TheRealEboue: With all due respect 2 mikel, he is a good player but not Okocha, Samson,yekini,Oliseh, adepoju. Your football association is a joke”

“@TheRealEboue: When keshi was in Togo, he dropped adebayor. He is in Nigeria and drops the best player. He is a manger he should be able to work on their ego”

‏@TheRealEboue: I have said enough on this matter. I was so angry. Speak to me when your national television can broadcast the game. Have a good day

‏@TheRealEboue:Keep fooling yourself and calling yourselfs the giant of africa. You are nothing but the soil of Africa we all work on now.

‏@TheRealEboue: You guys are jokers. Your institutions are comedy clubs. You have so many resources & man power yet you are always falling short.

‏@TheRealEboue:Oh sorry Nigeria, I even heard your country owns the first African television and you cannot even televise the game to the masses

‏@TheRealEboue: Drogba, Yaya,kolo, Zakora, gervinho,KaLou, and myself and all other players. We are all the same. One unity and family. Country comes 1st

‏@TheRealEboue: I have said enough on this matter. I was so angry. Speak to me when your national television can broadcast the game. Have a good day

‏@TheRealEboue: If we don’t beat you in the game, it means you are lucky. But trust me, we are going to deal with you so much , you would be eating grass

‏@TheRealEboue: Why don’t you speak to your NFA that cant grow a good soccer academy & produce players to last for a decade instead of new faces every week

‏@TheRealEboue: Blame me, i don’t care. I would say my mind. You can even blame me Ghana can show the game to the masses and NTA cannot . Cover your face

TheRealEboue: My last word for Nigerians . Do not cry for me , cry for yourselves. In the true spirit of sport , I love you all . Don’t get too emotional.”


  1. I dont want 2 believe dis is truly from him. And if it is, then i’m sure he was high as @ dat tym…. Anyway, whoever composed this should know dere is tym for everytin and thongh nigeria is going tru some difficult times now does not mean dat it will remain lyk dat forever. Things may not always go as planned but wit God we shall remain strong as a great nation and prevail. And dont 4get dat destiny is in the hands of God and no one is in any position to determine wat 2moro shall b. Death to his myopic judgement, death to his to uncivility and nigeria that has always been great will remain great (no matter wat we are still greater than they are and they know it) …. God bless Nigeria

  2. I don’t blame him cos all what he said are true though he said it with 2much pride but I know a day is coming that God will intervene for us and punish all these our so called leaders

  3. Nigerians should go and sleep and rethink because all these are just too much for me to bear. Ofcause all he said are nothing but the truth, my concern is that no matter how you talk to these so called leaders of ours, they proof less concerned. Only God can bring Nigerians back to lime light, and touch the heart of our corupt leaders. We are all deep in sleep. God save our land. Imagine cute d ivoire talking to us like this!

  4. Even if he is sayn d truth wats his business.. Wat acheivments does he even have as a player sef? Even wen him dey play for Arsenal wetin him do?? He was d dirtest player in Arsenal.. Yeye he is who to insult Nigerians or the Super Eagles.. Wateva its our business nt his.. So make him shut-up him dirty stinky ivorian trash..wen better pple dey talk make him no talk..even Drogba cnt insult Super Eagles nt to talk of dat dirty Eboue or watever he calls himslf..

  5. Most of u guys sayin wot dat stupid eboue said is rite, re u waitin 4 outsiders 2 insult u b4 u know wots rite…instead of u 2 defend ur nation in d face of outsiders and later talk to urself abt changin things…u think u can move 4ward wit dis…rubbish…wot development has happened in his country dat he can boast of dat he s talkin abt d country lik dat….stupid idiot

  6. In as much as I see truth in what this man said… I also believe there is room for improvement… And that he had no right to say such things. Its one thing to insult the system, its another thing to insult the people. I for one don’t think Okocha, Donald Duke, Tuface, Mikel obi, Charles Oputa-as “Nigerians”- deserve this from Eboue or anyone using his handle… For me this game(AFCON ’13) is about restoring pride to a nation that has lost its glory… The green now looks a little brighter… And to say this: “right now, the “only” thing that works in Nigeria is the fact that we are in the semi-finals, everyother thing is sad… You spend over a billion to send troops to Mali whereas Bomb detectors welcome people to church in a Nation’s capital, a whole Nigeria… Victory for me is beyond soccer, its political… But Eboue, you shaaa… Please Nigerians read for yourself and rebroadcast till it hits the heads of one of those leaders-so called” // on the lighter side: is he aware that Nigeria contributes the most to peace keeping in Africa? Is Africa aware that Nigeria fought hard for the liberation of South Africa-where he plays now- from Apartheid? may he pray that there won’t be any domestic violence in his country… >=)

    • emmanuel eboue u are very very stupid… all what u said has tune to u know,,,, u dat they don,t even know in your club side…they manage u and throw u out from arsene ,,, suppose it was yayay toure that said this now i would have been very happy.. bcos i love him so much,, he is a good and great player,,, it so painful that he is among your failure last sunday when nigeria team beat u woffully to eat grasses and water fall from your eyes like baby,,,,,,, all what u said tune to ur head,,, emmanuel eboue,,,,,,mumu player,,,,,,, from sunday bamidle,,,,united state bass


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