[Opinion] Bribery And Corruption In Nigeria

I read a numbers of interesting articles dealings with subject of bribery and corruption.I quite agree with many of the contributors that the  canker-worm bribery and corruption has actually eaten deep into the fabric of our society. The social diseases of  bribery and corruption now stinks in our society like a bad ulcer. It is even infectious and it has infected the Christians, the Moslems and the pagans alike. Thus almost everybody in involved and so it has become a vicious circle.
For instance, the employer takes bribes from the poor applicant before the employs him or her and when he is employed, the applicant( now tan employee) in turn,steals from his employer.
Of course, it is not only the employer who takes bribes,the policeman and custom officials, by the nature of their work,are more often found guilty of bribery and corruption than any other people in other walks of life.For instance, the corrupt traffic policeman and the FRSC takes bribes  from the reckless drivers and allows him  to drive with worn-out tyres and even without  driving license.
Similarily, the dishonest custom official takes bribes from the die-hard smugglers and lets him go  free.Policeman and custom officials are however, not the only culprits.The disease of bribery and corruption has spread far and wide to other fields.For instance, the unscrupulous government auditor takes bribes from the chief accountant  and connives at his embezzlement of government funds. The dishonest tax assessment officer in the ministry of inland revenue takes bribes form the big business tycoon and reduces his tax considerably.The government engineers responsible for the building of public palaces,engineers everything for his own pocket; he see the half of the government building materials are clearly diverted to his  private building.Those who award government  contracts have earned for themselves in this country, the notorious ( or famous in the  society?) name of ten per centers!  And even in the university lecturers award undeserved high marks to the beautiful female undergraduate he fancies! Yes, that is “bottom power” at work!
The funny thing is that here is this country those who publicly and vehemently condemn bribery and corruption are those who put up mansions  for themselves with the money acquired by foul means.Everybody in this country, says ” country no good”; too much of bribery and corruption!But it is all talk,talk; all bla, bla!The question is how many people are free from bribery and corruption in this country?How many people  are really honest?
Many of us never even to stop  alarming the effects of bribery and corruption on the individuals and the society as a whole.For instance,nobody can deny the fact that the federal , state government and the various government agencies lose much of their annually revenue through corrupt practices of governors,deputies, speakers, civil servant,officers and justices, who deliver a shamble judgment to the masses.
But that apart,bribery and  corruption debased the individuals and rob them their sense of value and sound principles.Hard labour  and honesty is scorned at and laziness is encouraged.All that people want is the shortest possible cut to easy money.The honest man is discouraged.Honesty is no longer the best policy.The honest man now finds out painful that honest no longer pays.
And when individuals are blinded by materialism;when they no longer have sense of values, when honesty is thrown over-board and the twin evils of bribery and corruption become the order pf the day, them such a society is doomed forever.
Is there any hope for this country? Is there anyway out? who  will be the great physician to cure our sick society and purge us all the of the twin evils of bribery and corruption?
When the Military Government came to power they promised to stamp out all form of bribery and corruption but is too tyrannical without liberty.As a matter of fact, their ugly heads have become uglier and bigger!
However, I still believe that there must be a way out. After all, where there is  a will, there is a way. This means, if we really want to put an end to bribery and corruption, every body in the country must be involved; we must all be determined to turn a new leaf and change our sense of value.In short, there must be a revolution in our society.once our society get the right message, the right to govern well, then we will begin to see bribery and corruption as two deadly evils that must be avoided.
Secondly, the various government must enforce very strict laws with punishment.Anybody found guilty of bribery and corruption,whatever the social position, must be dealt with severely.Hitherto, a poor pick-pocket who stole ten naria is thrown into prison whereas a VIP who embezzle trillions of naria belonging to the government is left free. such a partial attitude should no longer exist.
Then,of course, while the government and the citizens should be punished severely for those found guilty, it must also give handsome rewards to those who have been  found extremely honest in the position of trust. This will go a long  way to prove to the people that after all, honesty really pays.

An industrialist,from Lagos moreover a freelance writer. contact at tunnyjerry @ yahoo.com