CAF, BON Reach Truce… Local Stations To Beam AFCON Finals Live


Finally, millions of soccer loving Nigerians may be able to watch the Super Eagles Live on local Television stations as they take on Burkina Faso in the final of the African Cup of Nations in South Africa.

While the tourney lasted, Nigerians were left at the mercy of Cable TV Channels from where thousands of viewing centres beamed the match for those who could afford it.

This new development is sequel to an agreement reached between CAF broadcast rights owner and Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria, BON, to beam the match live on local stations.


  1. We dnt need it.It coming too late if Super Eagles didn’t reach the final,will these lazy,careless and corrupt BON workers cared about us.BON started negotiation for a competition 1week to AFCON when they are suppose to negotiate earlier,BON is a big failure.We dnt need them.

    • Any body can predict that Nigeria will win tomorrows match against Burkina Faso. But if you claim yours is from a god, then tell Nigerians the score line. Tell us who the scorers will be and when the goals will come. As for me, the Eagles should aproach the match tatically, technicaly and as a team. Take your chances as they come. The rear should be on alert to block all counter attack moves then they can be sure of victory. Football is not MAGIC.

  2. Nigerians are at it again abusing our sensibilities with T.B. Joshua predicting that Nigeria will win the final on sunday. By the way who cant predict the match seeing how the Eagles had performed so far. Joshua should tell those gullible Nigerians the goals margin, the names of the scorers and in what half of the 90 mins. the goals will come. As for me, the boys should play their game and go for goals when opportuned. They should be careful of their rear. The Bukinabes are fast, very physical and can over-lap on the counter. This is football and not MAGIC.