Woman In Court To End Her 25-year-old Marriage To A Lazy Man

A 44-year-old nurse, who lives at 9, Shodipo Street, Papa Ashafa, Orile Agege, has prayed an Orile Agege Grade ‘B’ Customary Court to end her 25-year-old marriage.

After enduring her husband’s excesses and laziness for years, she thought it was time to move on when she couldn’t take it anymore.

Narrating her ordeal in her evidence-in-chief before the court, Mrs Comfort Oladepo said her husband refused to work for 20 years.

“My husband refused to work for 20 years; so I was the one feeding, paying house rent and clothing the family including my husband”, Comfort stated.

“He is so lazy. All he knows how to do is to drink to stupor, knocking married women’s doors at night and chasing single ladies in the neighbourhood.

“I established him, but he ruined the business because he was spending all the money on his concubines.

“As if that was not enough, he asked my friends and my young and older siblings out.

“He goes after anything in skirt; be it old enough to be his mother or she is of our child’s age.

“I have become a laughing stock, even in the church. I made all efforts for him to stop this disgraceful act but he won’t listen.

“He collects money from me and uses the money to chase other men’s wives. I am tired. I don’t want the marriage anymore,” she lamented.

“I have endured for twenty years; I want to stay alone so that I don’t have a husband. He is useless. I see no reason I am still with him.”

Meanwhile, her 54-year-old husband, Kayode, told the court that when he was working, he provided for his wife and children.

“I may not have money but I am caring. When one of our children was sick, I was with him for three months in hospital, doing all what his mother could not do”, the respondent said.

“I protect the family; take care of them while she brings home money.

“I still love my wife and I will always love her, I don’t want the dissolution”.

The court president, Mr Joseph Adewusi adjourned the case till Feb. 13 for judgment.

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