For Men: Blazers&Sport Coat, Great Alternative To Suit For Formal Outings


Not everyone likes to wear a suit, but there are occasions your dressing need to match up with–you don’t want to look like you’re the driver when you go to events requiring such dressing, looking too casual. There’s a way out!

If you’re not a suit wearer, but you have the occasion to get dressed up now and again for a dinner date or a party, you should have a couple of good blazers in your wardrobe.

Blazers are super versatile. You can wear a blazer with anything. Wear it with jeans. Dress it up with tweed pants. Wear it with a dress shirt. Wear it with khakis. You can never go wrong.

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For your first blazer, I’d advise a navy blue, lightweight wool for all seasons. Nothing looks cooler or more classically chic than a blue blazer, a pink oxford shirt and a pair of khakis. You can wear a tie, or dress it up with a fun pocket square if you don’t want to wear a tie.


A classic blue blazer is an investment, just like a good suit. You’re going to have it forever. You can buy a proper blue blazer when you’re twenty and have it till you’re …well, maybe 40, but you will use it for so many years.

A sport coat is also great if you don’t wear suit. It’s very European; they wear it at all times, with all sorts of things, for all seasons, and all occasions. You can wear it with a sweater, with a tie, with a dress shirt.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t wear pants and a sport coat that try to make it look like you’re wearing a suit. You’re not fooling anyone, my friend. Don’t match your trousers to your blazer; you’ll look ridiculous. Also, avoid quirky colours. And like I always say, make sure it fits well. You shouldn’t look like you’re thrown in a sack when you wear your blazer.