5 Tips For A Successful First Date

first date

So you’re finally on a date with that person you’ve been dreaming about.  A first date is your chance to make a first impression so you have to do it right. To make your first date successful, follow the rules outlined here:


  • Pick an activity that you both enjoy: Picking something you enjoy has a few advantages: First, it ensures that you both will have a good time. Second, it offers an insight into who you are  and what you have in common and that is essentially the purpose of the date.
  • Pick an activity that you can easily afford: Don’t try to deceive your date about your financial status. First of all, how do you keep that type of spending up? The dangers of throwing money around are that it makes you look cheap later, when you scale back your spending to accommodate your budget, and you never know whether your date likes you or your wallet.
  • Go to a place where you can talk: The most popular date location might be the cinemas, but it doesn’t give you the opportunity to talk.
  • Go to a place that’s easy to get to:  Both you and your date want to arrive at the venue looking your best but if you pick a far place, that’s not likely to happen. Find a place that is a middle point for both of you so that your date can arrive with her make-up intact and you can also look your best.
  • Leave time to get to know each other: A date that is chock-full of activity keeps you busy, but if the purpose is a chance to get to know one another, some quiet time is a great idea. Without a bunch of distracting noise, activity, or an audience, you can talk to and get a sense of one another.



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