7 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is About to Break Up With You

Are you afraid that the special girl in your life is about to call it quits? Here are a few warning signs you should look out for.

1, She Doesn’t Make Future Plans

Planning ahead is a major factor that shows that a relationship is serious. Women in love usually can’t resist discussing the future. They want to talk about marriage and kids and everything connected to that. If your girl suddenly stops talking about a future with you, then it’s time to be worried.

2, She Avoids Your Family & Friends

A girlfriend that wants to be a permanent feature in your life will make an effort to get close to your family and your friends. If she starts avoiding your family and friends and dodging your family engagements then it’s very likely that she no longer wants to be a part of your life.

3, She Doesn’t Confide In You

If your girlfriend begins to tell everyone else but you her problems, then you have a serious problem of your own. A girlfriend who’s still interested in being with you will highlight your importance in her life by sharing her sorrows and her joys with you.

4, She Doesn’t Argue With You

It’s virtually impossible to find any human relationship with absolutely no conflict. If your girlfriend no longer argues with you, it simply means she has chosen not to bother herself with you anymore because she’s planning to leave you and she’s decided that you’re someone else’s problem, not hers.

5, She’s never Available

If your girl used to answer your calls before the first ring even finished and now you can barely ever reach her, that is a sign that she may want to break up.
If she also never wants to hang out with you anymore, it’s very likely that she’s planning to leave you.

6, She never calls you

If the girl who used to enjoy talking to you for hours on end suddenly stops calling, it’s a sure sign that the end has come.

7, She cries for no reason

If your girlfriend is always crying for no apparent reason, it may be a sign that she’s unhappy with you and she’s already planning to leave. Most girls break up with a man about 10 times in their minds before they eventually do it in the physical. Her tears might be her way of grieving over your already dead relationship.