8 Foods You Should Eat to Get A Flatter Tummy

flat belly


The tremendous health benefits of salmon can’t be over-emphasized. Salmon is high in Omega-3 and helps fight inflammation.


According to a study by the University of Kentucky, eating watermelons was found to prevent artery clogging and reduce fat build up.


Adding yogurt to your diet will aid digestion and thus help give you a flatter tummy.

Olive Oil:

Replace your cooking oils and fatty dressings for olive oil. Olive oil is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids for easy digestion.

Green Tea:

Green tea can helps to speed up your metabolism, it also inhibits the absorption of fat  and it is essential to keep that belly in check.


Another healthy treat, walnuts can also easily fill your stomach up so you can avoid overeating.


Having an egg or two can also help with flattening your stomach. Eggs are filled with lutein vitamins and other amino acids.


Bananas are full of fibre and other nutrients so the fill you up quickly and help fight bloating and subsequently a big belly.