Ask Jay: My Mum Doesn’t Like My Fiance. What Should I Do?

Dear Jay,

I love my fiancé but my mum does not approve of him simply because of his denomination. What should I do?


Dear C.A,

Our parents want the best for us but sometimes they make mistakes too.
The two most important people in a marriage are the husband and the wife because they are the ones who will have to bear the consequences of living together.
I suggest you try to convince your mum that your fiancé is a good person and that you love him and that his denomination won’t cause you any trouble. Invite family members or close friends to reason with her if necessary.
If however,she doesn’t change her mind then you have a choice to make. A lot of people’s lives have been ruined because they married their parents’ choice and not theirs. If you are sure that your fiancé is the one for you and you are ready to deal with the consequences, then marry him.
You’re the one who will have to live with him and your happiness is paramount. I’m sure your mum will come around. I hope this was helpful. I wish you the very best.



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