Messy Home Equals Messy Emotions? Find Out What the State of Your Home Says About You

You may think that a messy home, workspace or vehicle is no big deal but psychologists have made a real connection between physical disorganization and the state of a person’s mind. You may be surprised to see what that mess in your home reveals about you, your personality, and your life.

1. Bedroom

A messy bedroom often reflects upon your love life. This can apply to your relationship with another, or yourself. The bedroom is the room in which you connect with your inner passion, love, and peace. It is the room in which you let down your defenses and rest, or become intimate with someone you love. If this environment is chaotic and disordered, you may be trying to avoid intimacy, either with another person, or yourself.

2. Bathroom

Your bathroom represents your personal care habits. If your bathroom is scattered and messy, you most likely also struggle with poor health habits like lack of exercise, lack of adequate rest or nutrition, or even neglected hygiene. More than anything, your self-worth may also be neglected or dishonored.

3. Kitchen

A cluttered kitchen represents a lack of spiritual and emotional nourishment. You may feel disconnected, fatigued, stressed, or confused, which reflects itself in this heart of your home. Your kitchen is also usually the place where you strengthen the family unit. It’s the place and time when families usually spend time together talking and connecting emotionally. If your kitchen is chaotic and disordered, your family connections may also be so.

4. Workspace

Your workspace obviously represents your professional growth. Too much clutter and disorganization reveals a lack of control over your career path, or feelings of being overwhelmed or dissatisfied by your career.

5. Car

Your vehicle serves as the symbol for progress and movement through life. Too much clutter may represent an inner fear about moving forward, or an inability to let go of the past so you can move more freely into the future. You may be blocking yourself from moving on, letting go of pain from the past.

6. Living Room

Your living room is the place where you can relax and enjoy yourself, either with friends and family, or by yourself. It represents leisure, fun, passion, and recreation. Too much clutter here may mean you have a hard time relaxing and engaging with your inner joy, or difficulty connecting fully with others in social settings.

Once you identify your specific areas of difficulty, there are two things you should do to eliminate them. First, clean up the physical mess which is just a reflection of what’s going on in your mind.
Then, address the emotional issues that led to the physical clutter in the first place. By tackling both aspects of the issue, you can be free from that disorganized way of life for good.