What Is The Perfect Br**st Size

A large portion of society spends a lot of time focusing on breast size. Victoria’s Secret has made millions off breasts. People have been sued because of them. Others are just mesmerized by them.
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While there’s no scientific evidence showing that size/shape are correlated with reproductive success, researchers have uncovered some interesting information about how people perceive breasts.

Turns out that females and males rate medium-sized breasts most favorably. Study participants went so far as to make psychological assessments about women, from their breast size. They rated smaller women as competent, ambitious, intelligent, modest and moral. What about large-breasted women? The opposite.

What’s also interesting is that breast size complements waist-to-hip (WHR) ratio. It’s the complete package that influences whether people judge a woman as attractive, feminine and healthy.

Large breasts enhanced the attractiveness of slender and heavy figures, as long as they had a low WHR ratio. But if a woman had a high WHR, large breasts appeared to decrease attractiveness ratings.

The one scenario in which large breasts raised the attractiveness of a high WHR figure was when she was “heavy.” This may have occurred because large breasts can make it appear as if a woman has a lower WHR than she actually does. The cause: a perceived shift in her proportions, created by a large bustline.