[Advice Needed] I Don’t Believe My Friend Is Still A Virgin!!!

Dear Tee,
I am a young girl of 16 yrs of age. I like having s*x. I feel incomplete if I don’t have it in a day. I was exposed at age 10 by my teacher in the primary school. Now, I can’t have a fulfilled day without doing the dance. I met a childhood friend of mine last weekend, we got talking and I learnt she is still a virgin. I never knew virgins still exist and she said having sex is wrong for me now. Tee, is it true I have an addiction? Is it true she is still a virgin?

Dear SB,
I appreciate your courage to open up. Actually, I believe what your friend told you about herself, because the fact that most young people are having sex does not mean everybody is doing that. Also, I think you are addicted to s*x since you can’t do without it….. Its high time you stopped it, because its possible. You are still a young girl and you have a long way to go. Why don’t you concentrate on your studies? Sex is for the married, dearie. You should endeavour to keep yourself and stay off men that ask you for it. You should also see a counsellor for more help.
Wish you well,

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