Thugs Are After Me – Bimbo Thomas Cries Out

When talented Yoruba actress, Bimbo Thomas played the role of ‘Nikki’ in Funke Akindele’s blockbusting movie, Omo Ghetto, only few people knew she isn’t a thug or a street urchin.


In the movie, Bimbo interpreted her role in the film as if she is actually one of the street urchins that unleash terror in the society.

The film painted her to be a tough lady, and the actress revealed that this has affected her image as people fail to realize that it was just a make-believe role.

The Creative Arts graduate from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) told in an interview that even some movie producers are making attempts to stereotype her as an area girl.

But Bimbo confessed that she isn’t comfortable with such, adding that she has even started rejecting movie scripts that tends to give her such a role.

But speaking on how she deals with thugs and street urchins, who approach her to give them a dose of her ‘Omo Ghetto’ character, Bimbo said they (the thugs) even go to the extent of trying to fight her.

She said, “I have problems with the thugs (especially guys), when they see me, they always want me to flow with them.

“They want me to give them what they see on movie screen. Even when I try to give them ‘Bimbo Thomas’, they don’t want to see that. They just tell me to stop pretending and give them my ‘Omo Ghetto’ character. They even go to the extent of fighting me to make me come out of that shell.”

“I always try to explain to them that I acted the ‘Nikki’ character as a actress and that I am not exactly that ‘thug’ character. As a matter of fact, I am now careful about, where I go,” she said .

Source: 247NigeriaNews