[Advice Needed] My Girlfriend’s Boss Wants To Marry Her. What Do I Do?

images (2)Dear Tee,
I have been dating this girl for the past one year. And we do really love each other. She is 22 years old and I want to marry her in the next 3 years. She got a contract job in an oil company in Portharcourt, I am in Ibadan. She has been telling me recently that her boss and other young men in her office are promising to marry her if she dates them. Please, what do I do? I feel she should not have given them her contact in the first place if she was not interested in them. I feel she as cheating on me. What do I do?
Hello K,
I know you feel hurt, but then I think it is not a bad idea that she gave those guys her contact, remember they work in the same place? She would not want to act mean by not giving them her number. That is not a big deal. One thing I would point out here is that if she truly loves you, she would never give her consent to those guys, no matter how mouth-watering their offers may look like. Don’t stop loving your girl, don’t stop showing her affection. She knows what she wants and she would go for it. I want to believe you are the one she loves here, hence the reason for telling you what she is going through there.
Appreciate your girl and love her, what is yours would surely be yours.
All the best,