Funke Akindele : I Could End Up Depressed, If I Listen To What People Say

Life puts pressure on everyone, but in the spotlight the strains are much harder to bear. For celebrities, the ultimate goal is the pursuit of happiness, and though the road may be hard the end is always worth it.

Nollywood diva Funke Akindele, the talented actress and one of the most sought-after facse in brand endorsements, has revealed that she is not going to be subjected to ridicule due to what joker life is playing with her. In an interview recently, Funke said despite all that has happened she is still as happy as she has always been and nothing is going to take her happiness away from her.

“I’m happy with my life, I am living my life for myself, not for anybody, I am not going tolive my life based on what people say; if I do that, I am going to end up being the loser. We all are fallible, we are human, forget the fact that we are celebrities. Being a TV person doesn’t make me a super human being! If I listen to what people are saying, I will end up getting depressed and that’s one thing I won’t allow to happen to me.”


  1. U made a good decision lady. Dia is nothing depression can offer u dan bn subjected to ridicule&health wise problem, rise up lady&move on wt ur life,afterall d downfall of a man is not always his end. D man dat w appreciate u w soon comes ur way babe. But pls learn 4rm ur past mistakes