[Opinion] Freedom Of Speech And Dumbness By Adefenwa Adeshina

Freedom of speech is not and should not give rise to freedom of hate speeches and speeches capable of causing more division to an already divided nation.

As much as we all are free to always express what we feel inside of us, Nigerians need to be very careful especially with the world we are in now that information travel faster than light.

“Free speech is not the same thing as dumb speech. We can’t pretend to be sane men when our very words defy sanity” J.J Omojuwa

Elderly Nigerians should be good role models for the younger generations, though they’ve failed us woefully but shutting up when they have nothing sensible to say will go a long way in helping this sinking ship called Nigeria.

This is a nation divided against itself, Ethnicity and Religion are the two greatest enemies Nigerians battle every seconds of our lives and both have done more harms that good;

The Youths don’t really know who is an elder and who is a Youth anymore because everybody now behave like undergraduates;  A former minister behaved like a drunk jambite with access to the internet, spilling all informations nobody asked for and he’s proud of himself, his words defy sanity and shows how much he’s refused to grow up.

As much as he is free to display his dumbness, he should limit it to himself and his friends, Nigeria is an already fragile nation, we don’t need him to tell us who owns what and where, we don’t want to know how many Igbo ladies he’s slept with, with his articles a fire of hatred has been lit and it will be very hard to extinguish it, its already causing rancour amongst the youths and if not curtailed it might lead to civil unrest and bring more problem to an already fragile nation. We don’t need people like him in Nigeria, he’s already shown to the world who he is and a thousand articles can’t change it.

Nigeria is and will remain a country until we go our separate ways, though many of us don’t believe in one Nigeria but as long as we are still together let’s respect the nation of Nigeria and becareful what we wish for;

Some Nigerians without dual citizenship are clamoring for a revolution but how many of us want what Egypt and Libya are currently witnessing, as easy as it is to scream revolution its aftermath is worse than what it tries to eradicate, Revolution will bring more questions than solution, wasting our blood won’t cleanse Nigeria, Hate speeches will further divided us so let’s work together, let’s put Nigeria before our tribe and religion(Not before God), if we all can think of Nigeria first then we’ll have the peace we need.

God Bless Nigeria