[Advice Needed] I Do Not Know If I Am Still A Vi*gin!!! Please Help!

imagessadDear Tee,
I am 20 years old and I don’t know if I am still a vi*gin. When I was 9 years old, I did some romantic stuffs with a boy and I don’t know if he penetrated into me or not. Since then, I have not had sex with anyone. Actually, I am thinking about doing it with the man that would marry me, although, I am still single. The problem is I don’t know if I am a vi*gin or not, please help!

Hello BB,
Well, I think you are a vi*gin…..because if he had penetrated into you, you would know. But then, you can do self-examination. For a virgin, there is a thin flesh called the hymen that partly covers the vagina….. the presence of a hymen signifies virginity, although the hymens of some virgins have been ruptured through activities like exercises or the use of tampons…..there are reports that some are not even born with hymen and this does not mean that they are not vi*gins. Anyway, I would just advise you to keep your body now, the past is gone….forget the former things, look ahead to a brighter tomorrow. Appreciate and celebrate who you are. When you are finally in a relationship with a man, don’t give him your body until he marries you. Don’t be fooled by words like “let me check if you are a virgin”, “You are lying, if you love me, you would have sex with me.” Never be fooled by such words, men who speak such words would end up dumping you once they have their ways.
All the best dear,


  • at the age of 9 you did some romantic things with with a boy, hw old ws the boy?

    a girl of 9yrs dont know weda she ws penetrated or not;

    let me tel you, you are fooling your self and and the people who reason like you.

    once in your private part your hymen does nt hv a helf moon shape which is normal hymen n which makes you a virgin, you are nt a virgin.

    You only remain a virgin right from d day ur mother gave birth to you and no man has ever penetrated you til date. In the oda hand, you can lost your virginity if you are into riding a bicycle, climbing of trees, oxen and motorcycling. dnt fool anybody here ok.

  • Nice advice Tee “No premarital sex untill u married” I knw its hard buh we have 2 try wit GOD leadin us all will be perfectly fine Amen.

  • Hello, u can’t judge urself wth wat happnd in d past. U might av lost it or not, but dat doesn’t reli mata nw, d issue nw is u kipng urself till ur wedding 9t. It doesn’t mata if u’re a virgin or not, just tel urself “now dat i’m in christ i’m a new creature, old tins has pased away, and everitin is nw new including my virginity” so my advice is dat just free ur mind and live as a new person.

  • My dear dnt mind dose dat say odawise d truth is, if wot ur saying iz notin bt d trut den jst let d past b in d past n continue livin ur life of purity .

  • bee stop fooling ur self wat were u doing wit a boy at d age of 9 hmm wat a shame hw i wish ur mum see dis or better wat if u to a mother of ur type u wll be happy rite?shame on u

  • @ charles, only God knws wat atrocities u wud ve committed btw d ages of 6 n 13. Judging is not ur calling so don’t do it. Its evidenced in ur grammar. My dear writa, if u still a virgin or not does not matter as wat has apend u can’t undo, d most important tin is moving on wif life. Stay away till you say I do.

  • @Fresh princess. BB, didn’t tell us that she is now born again o! She was only interested in whether or not she is still a virgin, abstaining from sex alone does not make one a born again christian.my advice to BB is dat her past doesn’t really matter, she should get herself occupied with positive things and channel her energy to them.

  • (Advice needed) I dnt knw if i am still a virgin i did some romantic stuff with a guy when i was 16 years old we got nude and he put his penis into my vagina but it dint enter, he tried again and it was pajnful and i told him to stop. Right now i hate guys, pls am i still a virgin?

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