I Never Felt The Business Was Unfinished – Mourinho

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho believes he “left something” at the club that contributed to their 2012 Champions League victory, he added that he did not feel he had unfinished business with the Blues.


Jose said, winning a third Champions League trophy for himself and a second for chelsea was an “objective” rather than an obsession.

Mourinho never went passed the semi-finals of the competition during his first spell at Chelsea, but denied that had created any pressure for him to go further.

“I don’t think you can look at it in that perspective,” he said. “For me, the important thing is that Chelsea had a dream, and the dream came true by winning the Champions League.

“It’s normal that, if you win it once, you dream to win it twice. That happened to me. And, when I won it the second time, I dreamed to win it a third time. That’s the nature of football.

“But when you work in a club and prepare for the future, wanting to leave something in the club that remains for years, your business doesn’t finish the day you leave. Your business finishes the day everything you did disappears.

“So, for example, the other day I was looking at Real Madrid’s team and Real Madrid played the same system, the same players, and changed just (Gareth) Bale for (Mesut) Ozil. I’m not there, but I left something there. With Chelsea, it’s a bit the same. I never felt the business was unfinished.”

Source: Punch Nigeria