I’m Tired ,I’m 35yrs But No Man To Marry Me; –– Lady Cries Out


She needs help very fast as age is no longer on her side and no husband yet. Below is her story:

“I am 35 years old and even though seeing other peoples wedding bring joy to my heart, I have gotten to that stage in life where I know now for sure this will never happen for me.

I have been hoping for many years, and it’s not that I don’t have suitors, I am far from unattractive,but I just can’t find that guy. No one is perfect I know this, but there are certain things I am looking for in a life partner I haven’t found yet.

I believe in being friends above everything else, the shared ideals (religious, life etc) and then a connection. The physical isn’t of great importance, but the men I am meeting these days I can’t even have a connection with and trust me I have tried. I have been in relationships in the past, but it’s always that I gave too little or I gave too much. I am tired it shouldn’t be this hard.

I have all but given up but I want to have kids desperately, but I don’t want to be a single mom (nothing against single mothers), my mom and grand mother were single mothers and I felt their struggle I wouldn’t want to go through that. I guess I am the one with the problem…

I am tired of hoping, praying, and wishing. I have come to accept this more than likely won’t happen for me, I see a lot of single girls are going through the same struggle, and it seems hopeless. I want to be married, to a man I love, a man with whom I can grow with.”

What do you think is the way out for her?


    • my dear hav u gone to the God of impossibilities on ur kneels and stood Up without a solution? he who kneels before God stands before men.therefore cry No more ur answer is right in ur hands …call me 07030754599.jojo.
      Godbless u!

  1. All u need 2 do is to go down b4 God in prayer wit fasting 4 God 2 change ur story n bless u wit ur own man cos since ur mum n grand mum are single mother u shuld knw dat u av a foundational problem n is a generational curse so go down b4 d lord pray fervently n break every generational n foundational curse in ur life n ur life will neva remain d same again.

  2. She who demand much ends up getting little; She should reflect on her previous relationships and correct herself.If u have been going out with single and failed can’t you try a Married man may be in the process heaven can smile on you. Above all, seek your mother and Grand-Mother and find out from them whether they have cheated men before if so they should seek forgiveness then your way to happy married life shall be opened.

  3. Let me advice you,my dear sister.You are suffering from a generational curse of which needs to be broken by fire by force,i will like you to visit spiritual churches and seek God’s intervention,i bet u,u will get married as soon as possible and that’s the only solution to ur problem.

  4. Dear,
    Study ur foundation and look @ ur past, check if u hav offended anybody or if u wea curse by som1. If none of these , put it to God and don’t allow ur eyes to decieve ur heart in choosin d right man.

  5. I speak to you daugther of the most high God, every power that is holding you back in your fathers place by thae power in the name of Jesus they have lost and never to find you again. I speak to you by this time next year we will celebrate your marriage in Jesus name

  6. Stop gettiyng worried bcos worry will make u look older than ur age. Prepare yourself and body physically and psychologically, and healthwise. Avoid pride and arrogance. be recep[tive, Be prayerful and draw closer to God. Give your life to him. As long as u have choosen not to be a single lady, don’t drift from your believe There is a man made for a particular Woman and there a Woman made for a particular Man. God will certainly reveal and will lead u to the right choice.

    I also promise to add u to my prayer point. My God will do it and his name will b glorified and u will testify to goodness.

  7. My dear there is only one explanation to ur ordeal…u can’t find the right man if u are not the right woman. Don’t be deceived God cannot be mocked, he can’t send ur heart desire if you don’t fit it to what qualifies for it…go and work on ur self to be the right woman and then and only then will that perfect match u have identified with would come your way…and please don’t let any hypocrite talk you into u having a generational curse…if ur born again, it doesn’t exit, atlist not with u…if u like to know wer it is i will gladly tell u…its been nailed to the cross…over 2000yrs ago…cheers!

  8. i want u to believe in God and in urself,bcos with him all things are possible.pray and fast fervently,if possible go for deliverance in a biblebelieving church,seek his face always and let him order ur steps,no perfect man outside there but God will perfect ur bone of bone and flesh of flesh for u.do not lose focus.dont allow ur parent problem stands as a basis for u,Jesus dies on the cross to remove every curse in ur life,satan is a liar dont let him decieve u,IT IS UR TURN TO LAUGH

  9. Do not give up on yourself, dearest sister for God has not given up on any one except the son of perdition. Surrender all to HIM not minding your past mistakes if there are any. Forgive yourself if there were past mistakes you think are haunting you and then forgive others unconditionally who may have wronged you in any way. God does not answer our prayers when our hearts are heavy with malices either against ourselves or others. Trust HIM alone with all your heart and claim HIS victorious promises and they’ll be yours in no time. Stop wallowing in self-pity cos the tendency is for you to wallow in it and blame yourself, someone or God for perceived errors you think may have led to your inability to get married up to this moment. Stop comparing yourself with other ladies who are married as your destinies are neither the same, similar nor tied together. Know and believe that there is time for everything and everyone under the heavens. Believe and trust God that your time will soon come and you will be celebrated as well. Always be happy and thank God for being alive. Bless HIM for HIS love and providence for you. Do not, I repeat, do not listen to those who will advice you to embark on series of journeys to church A, B or C. Stay where you are and call on God Almighty with your little faith. HE is every where, including your kitchen, toilet and bedroom. Running to different churches will, at the end, be an exercise in futility as different supposed men of God will use you to test their newly acquired diabolical powers. The LORD is your strength. If you have found this write up useful and you wish to communicate to me further, use this email [email protected] God bless you immeasurably.

  10. All you need is to keep your Faith strong in the Lord, ascertain d causes of d failure u had in ur past relationships, try to correct those mistakes and prepare Urself ahead for mr right because he will surely come but let him meet u as someone worthy of respect. Age is just a number, fear thou not.

  11. I Really Felt It For Her, Pls Let Her Know She Is Not The Only Person Passing Thru This Experience. Acording To Her Statement I Believe She Is Among Many That God Is About To Showcase His Glory In Their Life. So as She Believe That One Day It Will All Be Over, She Should Keep The Faith Burning

  12. This is a stupid mentality that every lady or man must get married to be fulfilled or happy in life, and this mentality and every other of the same kind, holding black people down, HAS TO GO. Marriage is not a must. HAPPINESS IS A MUST. I have a sister that is not yet married and she is more than 40. Not that she is not pretty, intelligent, respectful or what have u. She has been courted by well placed and meaningful men but it just didn’t work out. My two other sisters (younger to her) are married and living large so it has nothing to do with spirituality before u bad mouthed people start saying shyt. What if you get married because you want it at all cost and the person u got married to is the devil incarnated? Whatever happened to the biblical quote “God time is the best” If its the will of God, its His will. In this so called Godly country like Nigeria, people still live in this dirty mentality. Tufiaqua!

  13. the first tin u nid 2 do is luk inward.. your mother and grandmother were single mothers you said.. i smell a rat there…. isn’t this sometin to note..
    doesn’t the”but there are certain qualities in am looking for in a life partner i haven’t found yet” mean a thing..
    1; Go to a bible believing church or a true muslim spiritualist for deliverance from Generational curses..NOTE;Fast and pray. ur mother and grandmother were single mothers remember… BREAK THAT TREND…
    2; BE CHEERFUL AND SERVE GOD;pick yourself and be cheerful ..don’t let the ‘am searching’ placard be all visible in your forehead.. `HE who FINDS a wife has found a gud tin’ the bible says.. It is the duty of the man to search and FIND.. just b patient wit God. nd while doing this, Serve him wit all your heart and mind as a muslim or christian..Don’t PANIC.. DELAY SURE ISN’T DENIAL…
    Before this year ends, you will see the result..

  14. I, really pity this lady. Funny as her story may sound, not dat men are not out there searching for virteous women to marry, bt d case remain dat women atimes don’t really know wht they want 4rm their ideal man. A man proposes to them, they will tell u, ” i want to pray”, months & yrs keep on going without making a decision thereby keeping d man on suspense. Abi, d want Angels 4rm heaven ?, i bow 4 women.

  15. just have patient, and believe u will see a gud patner, if u rush u might not get what u want and that will be a lost because of d year u have waited, just wait 4 d time he his coming has jesus lives, put your mind at rest so u can meet d person in a gud & sound health,that d little piece of advice i have 4 u

  16. Now u have 2 the actual point, bcos went u desperately want get married then u would keep flopping in relationships bcos of anixety. So just calm down forget and then watch it come 2 pass. Reach me on 08038126139

  17. Hlo friend don’t get pl’s, but is a reality or a nature that at end of the world men’s will be very costly, so here we re. But for everythng u see happening has its course, which give us a leading ways to its feature happening. First consider a man as an important factor contributing to situation they re avoidng marriage at early of life, since girls ve faster grw… Then men mostly choose to marry from lower age.

  18. Dearie, i understand wat u are going thru bt u hv to understand dat as ling as u ate afraid u wnt get married, dats wat it will b, no amiunt of prayer can change dat, u hv to first and foremost change ur mentality and perception until den if u cant see it or say it u cnt hv it. Rememba d bible says as far as ur eyes can see dat wil he give unto u. Claim d.promises of God cos he said he has given us ALL dat partains to life& Godliness,so he has given u a gud husband dat will luv u like christ luvs d church, all u nid do is receive it. No one i repeat no one can pray u out except u change ur mentality and stip limiting God. He is d God of possibilities, i see u in ur next levels.

  19. I’m sad, you too are silent, It’s true that it’s all fault of time only.. A sorrow stays there in the heartbeats, don’t know why still the heart says, live a little, come on, live a little, the heart says, live a little.. O companion, O beloved, come near me, live a little.. I know that the life is full of pain, still there is this relief in it too – that I am yours and you’re mine.. we live like that only, this wish too is there.. then why are the bridges between hearts broken, why are we so angry with life.. come let’s open the gates of hearts, come, let’s both cry our hearts out together.. let these clouds of sorrow pass, now let life be clear, better, now stop enduring the sadness of memories, listen to what the heart says..

  20. my dear, your creator has a special plan for you so, don’t run ahead of him remember he is the God that specializes in impossibilities. He did it to Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth and he is still willing to do it for you. just depend and cast all your cares on him with a backup prayers from any Bible believing Church near you. don’t bother giving unnecessary sacrifice for that is the purpose for which Christ died. As you pray, just ask God to do his will in your marital life. Please, don’t look down on people henceforth, trust God, you will surely share your testimony. remember, the thicker the cloud, the closer the dawn. Your God is aware of your trials. congratulations in advance

  21. my dear sister,do think u can get d rigth person through dis u av done,no u can never,am happy u said ur mum nd ur grandmum were single mother,den u shld b able to knw what nd where d prob is coming frm,if u av an elder or younger sis try nd ask dem if dey r facing dsame prob,mind u u don’t need to broadcast ur self over dis getting married is ur plan nw,bt GOD might have another plan for u jst b prayerful nd don’t let man’s of dis day’s take dis as an oppourtunity over u again pray to god cuz he his d way d truth nd d life……….do u belive dat he his able? if u belive,post dis on ur wall,I LOVE U JESUS nd GOD iS ABLE,do dis with faith nd miracle will happen in ur life.stay blessed…….

  22. If u ve bn praying, change ur systm of prayer like using d Holy Bible quotatns. Like d God dt dd 4 Hana, Daniel, Esthr, Joseph, d Shadrach Meshach n Abedngho even Mary etc. It mt nt necessary 2 close ur eyes cos it ma b in 4m of commnd, remembr ur tongue is powerful. Pot wey go chop pepper em yansh go hot n oju ogun laye je feni to fe se rere. Ur wedding is coming late 2 b d latest n it will b fruitful.

  23. Well, my advice is for your to check were u hav problem, either your character e.t.c there are many men out there who also want to get married to mature ladies like u, just have Faith, and go your normal way, but I strongly believe u re working , so u can take of your self also, till God will show u your husband, pls don’t go for special prayers for husband, stay inside your room, kneel down and pray on your own, God will grant u your heart desire Amen ! If u like to reach me, 07030862506. Thanks.

  24. I mostly sincerely commend Ur effort as problem half discussed is half solved, but in othr words let U knw this:

    1 Desperation is the most vulnerable ways to falling into temptations/being victimizd;
    2 The worst enemy of life isnt evil but the attitude of self against itself, there4, stop being choossy, allow God 2choose 4U;
    3 The greatest bttle of life is won only on bended kneels, PRAY UR WAY OUT no matter hw long it takes, b cheerful @alltime, dnt ask why, envy or limits Urself but choose Ur company wisely, b open minded, RESPECT ALL MEN and abv all FEAR & SERVE GOD, no time is late.

    Thats the lttle i cn offer 4nw, b blessed!

  25. Her problem is partially solved since there has been found a root cause. Her life is in danger, since her mom and grand mom were single mothers. If she doesn’t break from that, by first accepting Jesus as her Lord and savior. Then she needs assistance from one that will guide her on how to break from that trend. She also needs to pray by herself. Not ask someone to pray for her. Another danger is that, if she doesn’t cut from this, it will eventually happen to her daughters (if she happens to have any) in future. She can call me if she wants. (08069679525). May God that nothing is ever impossible with change her story to Joy. God bless her. Brother Alex.

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  28. goodmorning, my name is chineyenwa from anambra state, i need a faithful and responsible man for marriage, i have been into two relationships so far all to no avail, i have asked God severally what i have done to deserve bad guys. Am still much reserved at 28 but it has never been easy with me, but the irony of everything now is that a married man who i once helped his father seriously wants my hand in marriage am so much confused he said his wife bore him just two kids and that she can no longer bear any child i dnt want a curse upon myself i sincerely want a man that deserves me whether here in Nigeria or abroad. please i need your adviçe no insults please Thanks so much. 08079497098.

  29. Please kindly ignore the above post by chineyenwa from anambra state, its me her friend who helped he in posting that and i never told he before i did now she has found out but she is very mad at me. although i was just trying to help her. Thanks am chinasaokwu.

  30. Is your problem solved (have you fine some by your side since then! if no email me on [email protected] or contact me on my phone 07053178039.my dear you need to understand your nature a prototype of womanhood. simple things you should exercise with your mouth it will clean off every impedement around you