Things Not To Be Shared With Best Friend

There are a few things that should be strictly personalYou and your bum chum may believe that friendship is all about loving, caring and sharing. While that may be true, but there are a few things that should be absolutely personal and private. Here are a few things that should be in that list.

Your toiletries: We are not saying that you should act miserly and not share your toothpaste, but sharing your brush is a definite no-no. Also things like your comb should be yours alone. It doesn’t really matter how close you are with your friend, or if it is an unexpected overnight stay, somethings just can’t be shared.

Your undergarménts: If sharing your toiletries is not done, then sharing your undergarment is a sin. It’s just too unhygienic, no matter how many times you decide to wash it. Girl, sharing your clothes is fine, but what’s undernéath it, stays right there. The best thing to do would have a spare pair of fresh undergarments at your home.

Cosmetics: Each skin type is different from the other, while you may not have sensitive skin but the same may not hold true for your friend. Make sure you don’t get into some major trouble with your skin by using your friend’s products.

Credit card/debit card pin number: No matter how close your friend is, you just cannot share banking details with him/her. Similarly, don’t be offended if he/she refuses to tell you about his/her savings or salary. There are somethings that are best kept private.

Your ex and her ex: No matter how many times anyone says they are ‘okay’ with their best friend dating their ex, it just doesn’t hold true. That applies both ways. Don’t be surprised if your best friend stops responding to your calls because you’ve gotten to paly with her ex.