10 Ways To Know Who’s Into You


Here’s how you can figure out if someone’s interested in you.

1. Stealing glances and then looking away:This is a common indicator of the fact that someone is interested in you.

2. Finding reasons to talk to you over the phone or otherwise: If you have been getting too many calls from a particular person and the conversation mostly seems pretty random, then you can safely assume that he/she is interested in you. And with cell phones and SMS being the new and convenient modes of conversation, it’s not difficult to keep in touch at frequent intervals.

3. Will walk around you even if it he/she may have go out of his/her way: If there’s a coffee machine right next to his/her desk, but he/she prefers to walk down the hall to get coffee from the machine near your desk at rather frequent intervals, it can only signify that he/she is interested in you.

4. Seek information about you from your friends: If someone seems to have information about things like your favourite colour, your favourite food joint or your favourite actor, it would mean that he/she wants to know more about you. And most often it’s close friends who can part with such information.

5. Offers to drop you, even if it means going out of his way: This would be a pointer for girls. If you are partying in Bandra and want to go to Andheri, while the guy stays at Churchgate, and if he insists in dropping you despite the fact that there are other guys who live close by and can do the needful, then it can mean only one thing. It could include dropping you from work to home or to your desired destination.

6. Listens to everything you say and engages you in banter: He/she likes to draw you into a argument, but not a serious fight, then that’s the perfect way to hold your attention. These arguments are likely to be battle of wits. He/she definitely won’t come to blows over it.

7. Will constantly comment on your status messages or ping you when you are online:With networking sites at one’s disposal, it’s only natural that a person interested in you would want to be a part of your friend’s lists. Not just that, he/she is likely to leave a comment on every status update or the photos that you have uploaded.

8. Being at places you visit: If you suddenly start bumping into this one particular guy at your regular hangout at frequent intervals then you must take note of it.

9. Seek your approval: Most of us seek approval from people who matter to us. And if someone asks your opinion on everything from what colour suits them to what desktop wallpaper they should opt for, then it only means that they value your opinion a lot. You should see how seriously he takes your opinion to decide his/her level of interest in you.

10. Will take care of his appearance around you: Don’t we often dress to impress somebody or the other? So if you suddenly notice him/her taking an absurd amount of interest in how he/she looks when you are around, it’s obvious that he/she is interested in winning your attention.