How To Make Your Flats Fashionable

Make You Flats Fashionable

The comfort that flats provide cannot be beaten by towering stilettos. But did you know that flat footwear can make a fashion statement too? Often said to be the saviours in any working woman’s wardrobe, this type of footwear is now being explored in mainstream fashion.

From strappy flats and tie-up sandals to ankle-length boots and formal-looking oxfords, today the options available in comfortable non-heeled footwear are incredible. You can find flats in fashionable colours, plush materials and rich textures to help jazz up your everyday look, without having to resort to painful high heels.

So give your feet a break every once in a while and slip into a pair of comfy yet fabulous flats. Follow the guidelines below to keep your fashion quotient high, even when your heels aren’t!

Go vintage
Old school Mary Janes work brilliantly with classic vintage dressing. For example, they are best complemented by tea dresses, culotte skirts or pants and 1950s cinched-waist outfits. They have a great back-to-school vibe and add instant nostalgic fun to simple day dressing.
TIP: Add colour-blocked socks to your shoes to upgrade their design quotient.

Traditional touch 
If you’re looking for an ethnic look, classic Jaipur mojris are your best bet. Stock them in bold bright shades, or in a neutral one (like tan). You can also pick one with dainty mirror work! Kolhapuri chappals are another option; choose the more modern ones available in metallic and rainbow shades. If you want something more rustic, invest in antique gold-toned ones.

Instant glamour
Flat gladiator sandals in metallic leather lend a dressy feel, if you’re looking for sexy evening wear. Make sure to wear a short dress to flaunt these strappy beauties.

Androgynous twist

You can team classic oxfords, loafers and brogues in smart patent leather for a smart androgynous look. If you want to add a little feminine edge, choose your footwear in off-beat shades and wear it with pantsuits, palazzo pánts or jumpsuits.

Fun and sporty
Take a pair of white canvas converse shoes and give them a makeover by experimenting on them with some graffiti. Try teaming them with neon laces for maximum effect.

Flip-flops and chappals

Slippers or flip-flops are your must-haves for getaways and holidays. You can take a pick from striking colours to quirky prints. Simple open chappals also work well when they are glammed up with punk elements like spikes and studs.


Ballet pumps
Ballerinas are comfortable and another pair of must-haves in your shoe-closet. If you’re wearing plain ballets, consider prettying up the outfit by wearing ultra-feminine wrap tops or flared sleeves to get a head to toe ‘ballerina’ look.

Tips: Accents like buckles, straps, gems or bows can also add a lot to a pair of boring flats, although it’s best not to go overboard with embellishments. When it comes to this kind of footwear, if you are looking for something ethnic, wear Kolhapuris in bold colours, metallic shades or with embroidery on it. Even earthy colours go really well with a full Indian or Indo-Western look.