Is Your Best Friend Getting Hitched?

Then here’s how you can plan the perfect hen partySo your best gal pal is getting married and you have to throw a hen party, but you don’t know where to start? A successful hen party always has a few elements that can be incorporated into any party, while you may want add your own things to enhance the party experience. Here area few pointers to organise a hen party for the bride-to-be:

The guest list 
This is the most important thing to start with. While the party itself should be a surprise for the bride, when it comes to the guest list, it’s a good idea to consult the bride and keep her in the loop. It is the bride-to-be’s day and you need to make her feel special and, for that, you need to make sure that she has all the right people around her.

Decide on what kind of party you want to throw her — a classy, quiet do or the girls-gone-wild variety. Once that is decided, you can add the different components that you would like to include in the party — for example, the kind of games you want to hold, or if you want to include a strípper. Also, choose a theme for the party. It always makes it more fun when people are similarly dressed. You should ask the bride whether she’s OK with the kind of party you’re going to throw her. Also, not everyone might be comfortable with having a strípper, so ask the bride what she’d prefer and decide accordingly.

The venue is important, but that depends on the kind of party you are planning. If you want a quiet do, then it will be more fun to head to a lounge or a restaurant with your gang of girls for the evening. But for a wild night, it makes sense to have it indoors so that the bride-to-be doesn’t get conscious and you don’t end up raising eyebrows around you.

Treat her like a princess 
The most important thing of all is that the bride doesn’t pay for anything. It’s her day, so go ahead and make her feel like a princess. And to really make sure she does feel like one, you should give her a sash and tiara as well.


Plan the cake
You need to decide on a fun design for the cake. There are a lot of different and naughty designs available that will be perfect for the night. Choose according to what you think the bride-to-be will like.

Don’t forget the gift 
What’s also important is some kind of a gift for the bride-to-be — and keep it naughty.

Food and drink
Make sure to have free-flowing drinks and an endless supply of food throughout the night.

Pick a date 
Choose a date for the bash that suits the bride. Never hold the bachelorette party the night before the wedding. The bride-to-be will be naturally stressed and a heavy night of partying and drinking isn’t advised the night before she walks down the aisle.

Play games
Include a lot of games that will keep people involved and interested throughout the night. You can also include a special quiz for the bride-to-be on her partner. You can consult her partner before drawing up the questions for the bride, but keep it a surprise. Also, not everyone in the party will know each other, so these games will be an ice-breaker.


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