Jim Iyke’s Deliverance: the Actor Debunks News Reports in a New Statement

Nollywood ‘bad boy’ actor, Jim iyke has cried out to debunk news report going viral on the Internet that he was delivered from witchcraft at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) headed by Prophet TB Joshua.


The actor was said to have undergone a deliverance session on September 29, Sunday, at the church and was reportedly freed from some evil spirits which have allegedly prevented him from finding a wife despite being qualified to have one.

Some had also reported that he was delivered from witchcraft, but the talented make-believe star has rebuffed such reports by laughing it out.

He reacted to such reports via his Twitter handle when he wrote,

“lol witchcraft?! It’s imperative I underscore that people are oblivious to what transpired [during my deliverance]. Ignorance is no excuse. Tailor your opinion to who you know.”
Jim Iyke’s Deliverance: the Actor Debunks News Reports in a New Statement
Meanwhile, reactions have continued to trail the incident. Some Nigerians have questioned the authenticity of the video which showed the deliverance of Jim Iyke. Others termed it as another form of ‘acting’ by the actor allegedly planned with the church for publicity purpose.

Source: Nigeriafilms.com


  1. Jim you are my Densel Washington of Nigeria. I thank God you went to SCOAN. Continue dear to laugh at their ignorance. Enjoy your new life. You remain my best 9ja actor. I wept for joy when I watched you live. Leave frog eye Segun Arinze to talk rubbish he doesn’t know online na eim make am dey where e dey but you dey excel. Brother God bless you n Stay in Christ to perfect the deliverance.

  2. Y cnt they make d blind see, d lame walk or d speechless speaks. U cum dey expel only demons evrytym, Jesus and his apostles expel demons gave sight to the blind and even raise the dead. They also walk on waters. No so-calld miracle performer can do this, can they walk on water lyk Jesus and Peter do? Yet they’l say they are miracle workers. Wen Jesus performd his own powerful miracles he told them to tel no one (matthew 8:4, 9:30, mark 7:36 luke 5:14) nw they’l do their fake miracle and put it on tv, facebook, handbills and billboard. By their fruits u shal knw them. (mathew 7:15-20). The bible has exposd them and judge them. U hv no excuse to b deceived.

  3. For him to have gone to church for the purpose of been delivered, clearly xplains his contiousness to the ‘dawn of a new beginning’. Can critics jst leave him alone? Jim Iyke it is well with U ooo. BUT PLEASE DON’T GO BACK TO UR VIOMIT ELSE YU’LL BE AFFIRMING TO ALL CRITICISMS.

  4. My pple perish 4 lack of knowledge,falldown is not&can never be a way of deliverance,any area of ur life u lack proves of God,what u need is light from the word of God not falling.u can fall as many as u can it does‘t make any diffrence,coming to jesus is not enogh,abiding in him is whre the felloship begins.

  5. Some 1 said @scoan they Don’t heal blind,heal the sick,deaf e.t.c. Am sorry,,,but u are only ignorant of what happens there. Thoz signs and wonders work there. Andeven more than ucan think of; keep watching emmanuel tv.and don’t forget every man of God has his/her. Calling (domain).the devil/demons are the author of troubles; so it is necessary to cast them out.when Jesus healed and said tell no one;that was becos they sought to kill Him and his time wasn’t yet come. In all ur. Getting bro; get wisdom. thanx