When Your Boss Is Your Boyfriend

An office romancé comes with its own set of rules and complications. However, it gets even harder to deal with when your lover also happens to be your boss. We tell you how to balance both.

Learn to take no for an answer
There maybe times when you both don’t see eye to eye about an issue. Instead of resenting him for it, discuss the same, try and understand his point of view, even if you can’t accept it. When you are back at home be yourself and say remember “It’s business, not personal.” Also, there will be office gossip, avoid providing the material for it by arguing at work.

Avoid indulging in too much PDA
The one thing most couples find hard to do when in a relationship is to limit PDA when in public. While it’s natural for you to have moments when you just want to reach out and hold the person, people around you may not be comfortable with it. So as far as possible, avoid PDA in office, a light touch or a peck on the cheek is okay, provided it’s in the confines of your own cabin, and not privy to prying eyes. Also, if possible avoid baby talk in office, and take breaks with other colleagues. Leave office at different times even a few minutes’ difference looks professional.

Learn when to pull the plug on work talk
While it’s okay to talk about what happens in office, make sure you also have time for yourselves. Learn to respond to your partner’s cues, and that will teach you when they have switched off mentally, even if they have not said so, and want to discuss anything apart from work.