Why Women Should Be Financially Independent

Being financially independent is excellent for everyone. Each of us, can make a small or big effort to earn money and stand on our own feet. The benefits go beyond the economic reasons. It is good for women and the whole society. Some of these benefits include:

1. Financially independent women take their own decisions. When women are dependent upon others for money, they might need to take permission from them. Some women might be happy to do that while others need to be more independent and take their own decisions.

2. Financially independent women are good financial backups for family. In times of financial crisis, when many people lose jobs, it is good when both partners are earning income. When one loses job, other still has income to support the family and fill the gap. In terms of health, if one partner is sick, he or she can take time off and take good rest and recover properly. Finally, in case of unexpected death of family member, the other person can still handle the family expenses.

3. Financially independent women contribute financially to the family. When the inflation is up, prices are skyrocketing, if both partners are working, it is easier to own a home and meet family expenses.

4. Financially independent women contribute financially to the society and economy. When women earn money, they can be financially givers to society. They can give to charities and help in social causes. They also boost country’s economy and GDP by earning actively.

5. Financially independent women motivate children to stand on their own feet. When children see that mother is earning money, they are motivated to stand on their own feet. They see good work ethic in their own home and want to follow it.

6. Financially independent women can follow their dreams. We all dream but sometimes when we don’t have money, we need to adjust to what we have and be content. Women who earn money tend to follow their dreams which could be a social cause or a big car.

7. Personal independence boosts your confidence Independent people naturally tend to be a little more confident on handling issues affecting their lives. This is mainly because they are more prepared to take actions and do things without having to wait for support or permission from someone else. Being independent therefore means that you will be more likely to try out new things that you want, rather than what or how you are expected to. This also means that you will have more experience than a less independent individual. This will in time build up more confidence in you with the knowledge that you can do things on your own. For entrepreneurs, this confidence opens yourmind to taking bigger risks and unbeaten paths that eventually returns bigger rewards.

8. Personal improvement and creativity Having a free and independent mind gives you freedom to explore your skills and talents and will ultimately bring out the best in you.

9. Self-value and self-esteem Independence can help increase your self- value and self-esteem, more so if becoming independent is one of your goals. The achievement of financial, emotional, social, career and personal independence gives you a sense of accomplishment that eventually changes how you rate yourself and how others view you. The increased self-worth that comes with this independence is a great booster to your self-esteem and personal success.