My Challenges As A Plus-Size Actress In Nollywood – Adaora Ukoh

Nollywood actress Adaora Ukoh shared her experience in Nollywood as a plus size actress with
Here’s what she said:

I got into Nollywood when it was still a dribbling toddler. And there was a time I actually did think that I was getting the right kind of growth and progression in the industry.
It seemed slow but I was grateful for the jobs I got and I gave them my very best shot

But then…I’m not sure what happened really, but it seemed I met a brick wall, or my career was a stalemate.
I grew from confused to angry to confused again to bitter to sad, and then to prayerful. I realised when the jobs came, they were tied to particular kind of roles that had to do with playing a mother, or an over-fed bitter sister-in-law, anything but the major and glamorous roles.
I’m not even going to pretend and say I shrugged it off. I tried to, yet it still hurts like an open sore.
I know we live in a skinny world, with skinny people taking all the cream. How we got there, I am not sure.
Let’s just say it’s a tough world for plus size people!
And in all of this, I have tried so many times to lose weight, just so I can ”fit in” (not sure what that means anymore) but I have come to realise that I am who I am; what would the world be like if we all had to be slim? Where is the variety of life if God created us all the same?
I was hungry for challenging roles as an actress, and a more focused career that is beefed up with endorsements and sort, just like anyone with proper ambition would think for themselves; and to be hampered because of the way-you-look…aaaah!
It just kills!
But anyway I have gradually grown beyond it, and the healing and complete acceptance of who I am continues despite it all.
Now I am focused on things that will succeed regardless of how big or skinny I am!



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