10 Effective Homemade Remedies To Get A Glowing Skin

article-2013410511040539845000If you think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, think again! Nothing is more cherished than a clear complexion and fresh skin. But sometimes problems such as pigmentation disorders can leave you with uneven and patchy skin. There are many treatments available in the market to tackle this problem. But, before you opt for any chemical treatments, let us tell you about simple remedies to get a salon-like fairness at home.

Causes of skin pigmentation:
Skin pigmentation is basically discolouration of skin that can lead to an uneven skin tone. There are varieties of causes behind skin pigmentation. Skin pigmentation can be genetic predisposition. Other causes for it can be over exposure to sun, stress, acne scars, fluctuating hormonal levels, or environmental elements such as pollution.

What you must do!
Avoid excessive sun exposure.
Apply a sunscreen every day, with minimum SPF of 30.
Reapply the sunscreen every three hours if you are out in the open.
Follow a strict night care regime and use a cream containing acids such as tretinoin or kojic.

10 Effective homemade remedies to get a glowing skin:
1. Mix some carrot pulp with multani mitti (fuller’s earth) to make a thick paste. Crush a vitamin C tablet and add it to the mixture. Apply it evenly on your face, keep it for twenty minutes before you wash it off. Repeat this every week.

2. Take 4 teaspoons of milk powder and mix it with hydrogen peroxide into a paste. Add glycerine and apply this mixture on the pigmented areas. Leave this for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Hydrogen peroxide and glycerine are easily available at a local chemist shops.

3. Peel a potato and add a few drops of water on its surface, and then rub it on your skin to reduce pigmentation marks. Potato juice helps in lightening pigmentation marks on skin.

4. Mix powdered oatmeal and yoghurt with a few drops of lemon and tomato juice. Apply it on the affected areas once a week to see visible results.

5. Mix basil leaves and lemon juice together and apply it on the affected areas to treat the pigmentation marks.

6. Scrub your body with sugar mixed in olive oil. Scrub until the sugar melts completely. You can use this on your hands, legs, neck and other affected parts of your body.

7. Mix 1 teaspoon each of lemon juice, honey and almond oil. Massage your face with it for fifteen minutes to get a naturally glowing skin.

8. Adequate water intake helps to removes toxins from the body thus freeing you of all skin related problems.

9. Mix raw papaya with raw milk and massage it on your face for ten minutes. This mix is an effective cure for blemishes on face.

10. Washing your face with buttermilk helps in reducing dark spots.
Try these simple home remedies to tackle skin pigmentation related disorders. Regular skin care, a balanced and healthy diet, and a few skin care precautions on your part will help you to maintain a natural glow on your skin.



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