3 Ways Your Ex Is Ruining Your Future

article-2013123517143326073000Exes are like boomerangs, every time you got over them, they return. It’s like they all have this weird telepathy and can sense when you are happy and ready to move on. They sniff around you innocently at first, just as you begin anew with someone else…Boomerangs (that’s what we will forever be referring to them as, okay?) work in three ways:

Trick #1: Internet ploys:

One day you are scrolling through pages on the Internet, say for instance you are looking to buy that killer pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on for a few weeks, then while looking an ad pops up asking you to ‘click here’ to receive an additional 20% off your purchase! You are stoked, so of course you click on it and what happens? A virus downloads to your computer. That’s what your Boomerang does to you when he/she sniffs you moving on with someone new. They try and breakdown your new found joy.

Trick #2: Texting rouses:

The texting rouse is an oldie, but goodie in the Boomerang circle. Remember that time when you were little, and pretended to be sick for attention? That’s the type of technique the B is employing here…They love to text you to a) see if you have erased their number or not, b) to bait you into responding, c) to test how quickly you will respond to them, and d) to see if you’ll still have sex with them (let’s just be real here folks).

This is the most serious of ploys because emotional play also involves psychological warfare. Has your ex ever “just called” to see how you were doing? I immediately think, ‘What the hell dude? You never called to just see how I was doing when we were together. As a matter of fact all you ever did was text me one-word replies, and now you care about how I’m doing?’ Same with the happy birthday phone call. And the’just wanted closure call?. (Don’t think of me as an insensitive jerk, because I understand that most of us can recover from a break-up better if we have the “closure conversation.” My issue is when that call comes over one year later! Oh, Oh, Oh, I get it, when I needed closure you ignored my calls/texts, or just gave me the one word reply. But now that YOU need closure, we must meet up at our old fave restaurant so YOU can work out your issues? Got it.



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