Hollywood star Kerry Washington shares new year message in husband’s ‘Igbo’ language

Kerry Washington - Secretly Marries - Nigerian - American NFL Player - Nnamdi Asomugha - allroundgistblogHollywood star Kerry Washington is fast learning ‘Igbo’ from her Nigerian-American NFL Player beau Nnamdi Asomugha.
She posted what Ibos usually say during the end of the year on her page and her Nigerian fans were so excited. See snapshots below:
She posted ”Afo gbara aka laa oo” which means ‘May the year end without taking anything precious from us’



  1. @Jennifer VanHorn,your children are Igbos and not half Nigerians. They are full – blooded Nigerians please. Our African culture doesn’t allow half this,half that. We identify the children with their father’s identity. Your husband should have told you that. Afo gbara aka laa my sister. At least for a white lady of susbstance to take pleasure in Igbo language while our Igbo ladies prefer to speak with blocked noses. Hahahahaha!