5 Signs That a Long-Term Relationship Is Getting to the End!

imagesHere are 5 signs that suggest a long term relationship is at a breaking point:

1. Changes in Communication One of the earliest signs a long term relationship is ending is that there are many changes in communication. You used to look forward to talking to him on the phone or receiving one of his text messages. Lately that’s all changed. Neither one of you seem interested in holding a conversation so phone calls, e-mails and text messages are sporadic at best.

2. Non-Stop Fights. Another indicator that a breakup is coming is constant fights over littlest things. A fight should make a couple come closer as they try to solve an issue for the betterment of their relationship. Couples that are looking for the relationship to end often pick fights whenever any opportunity arises. For example, he may feel fully justified to start World War III when he finds dirty dishes in the sink.

3. Lack of Affection. A couple in a happy and healthy relationship are physically affectionate. A sign that things are coming to an end is if neither of you shows affection anymore. So basics such as hugs, cuddling and kissing are nonexistent in your relationship. The relationship feels cold and distant instead of loving.

4. Interested in Other People. The hottie at work has started catching your attention and you have been exchanging pretty steamy emails with him. Your soon to be ex has now started blatently flirting with other women in front of you whenever you are out together. This type of behavior signifies that both of you feel that other people could possibly make you happier even if you haven’t voiced that thought yet.

5. Rarely Spend Time Together. Since all you have been doing is fight lately and you feel so emotionally distant from him, you haven’t been spending much time together. Both of you prefer spending time with friends or family. You don’t even know what’s going on in his life. And honestly, you are slowly realizing that your feelings are changing.

Source: relationshipsanddating.com