OPINION: Are The Whites Already Regretting The Religion They Introduced To Us?

It is no longer news that Nigeria has banned same sex marriage. What is news now is the backlash that is yet to abate since the ban was pronounced. Discouraging reactions has been trickling in with nothing less than a relentless onslaught of question from the perpetrators. Hmmm! We are now in the world where what was once heretical is fast becoming conventional wisdom.
Ironically, it is the same white people that introduced their religion to us that condemn it most. It is amazing to me that the people that we look up to as a citadel of civility has joined in corrupting morality without circumspection of its result!
One question I have for those that are opposing the ban is: can procreation continue with this idea of same sex marriage? If the answer is no then they should bury their face in shame and agree to the fact that their volume argument is just silly.
Just imagine if this same sex marriage were to be from our forefathers. The reaction would have been that we are backward, and so full of ancient idolatory.
It took some days of fierce fighting and appalling bloodshed before our forefathers bowed to this religion. Suffice it to say that they have been vindicated for resisting the white at the onset. What is happening now seem to be the underlying principle behind their critic or whether the long-predicted end time is looming or has already arrived?
One thing I know is that we are conservative and cannot aspire to lofty principles. We are done with opposite sex marriage and moreover we will always defend what already exists. Now is the time to make this case. There can hardly be a time to make the case than right now.
Fellow Nigerians, let’s rise and quell these disturbances from gays. Their disturbance is a hornet’s nest up in the attic whose noise can be safely ignored but we need to support our government. It is a national prerogative to make laws to protect citizens, now that our government has done it, let’s join them. If we stop Procreation what will follow will be worse than what even the most dire pessimist could have envisioned.
As for the aids, the withdrawal will not leave us bereaved. Nigeria is endowed with mineral resources in commercial quantities.
Kudos to Mr. President. He has confounded those that thought that he was too dilettanteish and self-effacing to be a proper president. This is no doubt a way to uphold righteousness.
We might imagine that these homosexuals
know that they are deceiving themselves, and that their kind of act is provoking God.
I think it is high time we started teaching the white our cultures before they will go sodomy.

Submitted by Nwanna Ezi



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