Al-Qaeda Plots Attack On Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II with a bloodshot left eye at the Cartier Queen's Cup at Guards Polo Club-890284

Al-Qaeda is urging jihadists returning from Syria to bomb British sporting events attended by the Queen.

The terror group recommends that “lone wolf” bombers use explosives linked to a timer or remote device to cause “maximum carnage” at events including the Epsom Derby, Wimbledon and FA Cup Matches.

The Sunday Times reported the grisly call to arms was outlined in online magazine, Inspire, produced by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

“This type of car bomb is not usually used to destroy buildings, but is very effective in killing individuals,” the group wrote.

It singled out high-profile sporting events in “crusader countries” England, France and America which are attended by “tens of thousands” of fans and tourists.

“Hit two birds with one stone; both the English and the French,” the English-language magazine states.

About 250 British jihadists have returned to the UK after training and fighting in Syria’s drawn-out civil war, fuelling fears of a new terrorist atrocity in Britain.

Many of them fought among the ranks of Al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria, which were recently contacted by AQAP with a possible view to creating a terrorist “supergroup” in the Middle East.

Scotland Yard says it is providing advice on upgrading security where necessary in light of the threats.

Inspire magazine names Britain as AQAP’s main target after America, naming high-profile events it wishes martyrs to target.

“In the beginning of summer we have Cheltenham, and [at] the end of summer we have Epsom, whereby horse races are attended by thousands from around the kingdom including the Queen,” it stated.

The article also encourages bombers to target tennis tournaments and Premier League and FA Cup matches, adding: “The best time is after the final whistle, when huge crowds leave the stadium and celebrate around the entrances.”

The Queen will attend the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in July and could be a target there.

Scotland Yard said last night: “As part of our continued work, we regularly work with and support the organisers of sporting events and companies overseeing crowded places.”

Buckingham Palace said: “We never comment on security matters.”


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