How to Start a successful business in 3 days

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People of the startup nation, these are exciting times. Very soon into the future,
there would be a higher percentage of people that would have had their confidence level for startup-building increased and would be sure they can avoid common pitfalls that causes failure in earlier staged startups.

Part of this reality would be enabled by applying principles based on a quite radical approach to building startups.
These principles are the Lean Startup principles.

One may think the phrase “lean startup” means being cheap. That is invalid.
Rather, It implies being efficient with resources, and applying methods that help you validate ideas or new initiatives without wasting valuable resources.
This applies to the enterprise environment as well.

It talks about a  shift in the way we think concerning how to build new businesses and products, and how to bring those products to market fit faster. Lean Startup is increasing our chances at being successful with startups, which with experience and time + money spent working it,  you would realize are tough .

Lagos! Get ready!

Local startups, business developers, App developers, thinkers, techonology innovators, Idea people, Techies and entrepreneurs in Lagos, Get ready.
This may just be the best value you can capture in the entrepreneurship eco-system in these times.

Lean Startup Machine is organising a first lean startup workshop in Lagos soon.
Dates and other details to be announced soon.

The LSM workshop is a hands-on, 3 days workshop that teaches
entrepreneurs the Lean Startup methodologies made famous in The Lean Startup Book by Eric Ries.

This intensive 3-day paid workshop provides participants with a valuable framework of tools, techniques and resources designed to help early-stage companies startups and businesses identify key customers and iterate their products quickly .

Truth be told

We all know startups face incredibly difficult odds, especially in Nigeria and the vast majority of them will fail.
While lean startup methodologies are not a safeguard against failure, they do provide a foundation for real, measurable improvement.

So, rather than you fail (on a large scale) after months or years of investing in your idea, this workshop  can help you fail fast in 3 days and re-strategize (pivot) as required. That’s valuable very valuable.

Lean Startup Machine will change the way you view entrepreneurship forever — for the better.

Who is this event for?

Any startup team, founder, entrepreneur, product developer, idea person, App developers e.t c that is in search of building something that people want, and doing this without wasting resources.

It’s interesting to know that you do not require coding skills or any high technical skill.

It is out to address the most critical part of business. This is more like a CustDevthon (Fancy word for Customer development hackathon) .

Unlike  regular hackathons, this 3 day workshop tackles the process of building   businesses and startups from the customer level, rather than a solution level-which is a more viable approach to startup building.


A brief of what to expect

Participants get the chance to pitch ideas to mentors and other participants. They get to develop these ideas over the weekend

·         You learn how to design experiments to validate your ideas.
·         Practice customer discovery
·         Research your target market
·         Interact with real customers through customer development
·         Test your assumptions in iterations
·         Learn how to avoid confirmation bias
·         Understand your business model
·         Iterate and pivot when necessary
·         Compete with other teams to become winner of the event.

Full Schedule of the event would be released later.

Plus this comes with opportunities to network and start valuable business relationships with mentors who are also industry leaders. Your network is your net worth, really.

Register for early tickets and a chance to win free tickets.

This is a paid event Information Nigeria, is a proud supporter. They are giving out free tickets to interested participants.
So sign up with this here to enter into the contest for a free ticket to LSM

The contest for free tickets lasts on till Friday. Follow Lean_Lagos on twitter for updates

See you there.

Lean Startup Machine is a hands-on workshop that teaches entrepreneurs and innovators to start their own companies using Lean Startup methodologies. The workshop is based on framework and principles based on the book by Eric Ries called ‘The Lean Startup’,
In 3 days, participants acquire skills needed to identify, test, and eliminate the barriers to a viable business model. With focus on validation and fail fast succeed faster, our attendee’s progress more in 3 days than most others do in 6 months.
Lean Startup Machine has held 125 workshops in 40 cities, across 6 continents, for over 7650 entrepreneurs around the world.


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