Sikiratu Sindodo and Fuji Singer, Sule Alao Malaika Finally Admit They Are In A Relationship

Fuji act Alao Malaika and actress Sikiratu Sindodo have both admitted they are in a relationship. Though they have both denied the relationship at different times, the actress in a recent interview for the first time admitted and said yes, they are dating. The fuji act, last week also admitted in another interview. It will be recalled that the actress, was in a serious relationship with NURTW State Treasurer, MC Oluomo who was very close to the fuji act.
Some people even alleged that, Alao Malaika was a major reason the two love birds broke up. A source said when MC confronted Malaika about the relationship, he bluntly denied it.

While their love was ‘hot and steamy’ MC bought the actress a Murano which he customized as MC Baby and she was also on a monthly salary.

 Malaika already has two wives and he says he is not ruling out marriage with the actress, but for now they are only dating.