Vimbai Celebrates The African Woman With ‘Woman of the Soil’ Project


Star Gist presenter and 2-time AMVCA host, Vimbai Mutinhiri has collaborated with Nigerian photographer, Reze Bonna on a project to celebrate African women. The project is a photo campaign that showcases and celebrates the origins of African women. Continue…


Speaking about the project, Vimbai passionately says, “It is so important for African women to begin to take control of the image of the traditional roles we have played through history. While we are not competing with men, there is not enough being done to celebrate the strength of the African woman and the central role she plays in society and in particularly in our culture as Africans”

The project is essentially a collaboration between Vimbai Mutinhiri and Reze Bonna to celebrate the beacon that is the African woman: queen, mother, wife, daughter and warrior.