25 Types of Kisses Every Couple Must Have

03Kisses are very important in a marriage. If you’re kissing, you’re not fighting. There are many things you can do to keep the fire going in your marriage but let’s focus on the kiss. Here are 25 types of kisses that every marriage needs.  What types of kisses can you add to this list?

Sweet Kisses – Innocent kisses, that mean so much more!

1. Cheek Kiss – On the way out the door or just getting home kiss!
2. Hand Kiss – Chivalry is not dead. Take your spouse’s hand and gently kiss the back of their hand.
3. Quick Kiss – Pucker and aim anywhere! (A kiss is a kiss.)
4. The Wake Up Kiss – (Can’t be too squeamish about morning breath.) Gently wake your spouse up with a kiss…or two…or three.
5. Flutter Kiss – Get super close to your spouse’s face and begin to flutter your eyelashes against theirs.
6. Earlobe Kiss – Gently kiss your spouse’s earlobe.
7. Upside Down Kiss – When your spouse is sitting down facing away from you, pull their head gently backwards and kiss.
8. Whipped Cream (or Frosting) Kiss – Depending on what you have, place a dollop on their cheek, face or nose and kiss it off!
9. Eskimo Kisses – (I once only used this with my kids…not now!) Get very close to your spouse’s face and start gently rubbing your noses together!
10. Vacuum Kiss – When softly kissing your spouse, slightly (and playfully) begin to suck in.
11. Eyelid Kisses – While your spouse’s eyes are closed, kiss them.
12. Forehead Kiss – Gently bring your spouse’s head forward and kiss them softly on the forehead.
13. French Kiss – The very popular kiss known for it’s passion. If you’ve forgotten how to do this, shame on you!
14. Shoulder Kiss – (Best from behind.) Gently kiss your spouse on the shoulder.
15. Face Kiss – Gently grab your spouse’s face and softly kiss their forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
16. Behind the ear Kiss – Gently kiss them behind their ears (BONUS: Moan while you do it.)
17. Lipstick Kiss – Write a sweet note, put lipstick on and kiss the paper.
18. Wrist Kiss – Look into your spouse’s eyes and gently kiss the inside of their wrist.
19. Neck Kiss – Softly kiss their neck and stay there for a while, breathing in and out.
20. Ice Kiss – Place a piece of ice in your mouth and begin kissing your spouse to enjoy the ice TOGETHER.
21. Talking Kiss – Whisper soft words INTO your spouse’s mouth.
22. Biting Kiss – When kissing your spouse, gently bite their bottom lip.
23. Ankle Kiss – Kiss your spouse on the inner and outer ankle.
24. Neck Nibble Kiss – While kissing your spouse on their neck, take a nibble.
25. Head-to-toe Kiss – The name says it all.
Source: Blackandmarriedwithkids.com