3 Things that Affect Menstruation and Period Flow

images (13)Whatever you want to call it, the monthly curse or red river or leak week, whichever name you prefer for your monthly periods, the menstrual flow is different in different women, and a lot of physical factors affect your monthly period flow.

A normal menstrual cycle lasts for 21-35 days. But if your period flow varies from 22-30 days then you should be warned.

Exercise and Diet

If you are working out aggressively and avoiding food, your estrogen levels will drop suddenly assuming that your body is not ready for a pregnancy. Hypothalamic amenorrhoea is a menstrual irregularity when one goes through irregular periods or no periods.


If you are too skinny, you are likely to miss your period and being overweight can lead to heavy period flow due to high levels of estrogen leading to menometrorrhagia

Birth Control

Different birth control pills can upset your body’s hormonal levels and manipulate the menstrual flow. This is because birth control pills force women into an artificial cycle.


Source: healthmeup.com