Reasons He Didn’t Call After The Date And How To Handle It!

article-2014372018291109000Everyone goes out on dates with the hope that things will go well and you’ll hear from said date soon after, affirming that he’s feeling you as much as you are him. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it goes down. In fact it often goes like this: You sit. You wait. And he never calls. If you’re feeling as perplexed as we have about why he didn’t call after the date, allow us to offer up these explanations.

Everyone has their own lives, and though he may have had time to call you yesterday, he may be extremely busy today or this week. Maybe work has gotten in the way or maybe he has an important assignment due for a class he’s taking. Though calling or texting you back only takes a few minutes, with a jam-packed schedule, it can be hard to find free time.

Sadly, if a man hasn’t called you back because he’s busy, then there isn’t much that you can do. You can send another text or call him again to confirm receipt, but a this point you may be doing more harm than good. If you suspect he’s just busy, try being a bit more patient. Otherwise you may start to annoy him.

It can be hard to tell someone that you just aren’t into them anymore, and for some people, the best way to do this is to shut you out completely. For a man, he can shut you out by just not calling you back and cutting all communication without warning.

If a man isn’t feeling you, there is no point in pushing the subject. You can’t make someone like you or re-gain interest in you. You could try to make contact with him to make sure that this is the reason you haven’t heard from him, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you. No one wants to hear that someone isn’t interested anymore. It’s best to just let this one go and move on to someone new.

If you’re a bit shy and reserved, it can be hard to read and understand your feelings, especially during a date. When a man doesn’t think that you’re interested in him, it’s unlikely that he will reach out to you. Having the impression that someone doesn’t like you is known to cause someone to pull back and withdraw from the situation.

Thankfully this is something that you have some control over. If you’re catching the drift that you think this man thinks that you don’t like him, it may be as simple as prompting another date or reminding him that you’re a bit shy and that it can be hard for you to send off completely clear and cut vibes. Send him a text or call him and let him know you’re interested despite the misunderstanding.

A man may like you and may be interested in you, but that doesn’t mean that he knows what he really wants. When a man suddenly goes MIA after weeks of normal talking, it may be because he’s extremely indecisive. So, instead of telling you that he needs some time to think things through and to come to a decision, he instead chooses to just ignore you completely.

This may be another time when being patient is your only real option, though you definitely should consider whether or not you’re willing to wait around for this man to make up his mind. Pushing him to make a solid decision won’t do any good, so it comes down to either being patient or refusing to wait and moving on with your dating life.

Small fights and arguments can definitely cause a man to not call you back, especially if he’s one of those guys who doesn’t handle anger very well. If something has happened recently that would have upset this man, then he may not be returning your calls or texts simply because he’s angry right now and doesn’t want to be bothered.

This can be easily remedied with a text to him, asking if everything is okay or if he’d like to talk things through with you. If he doesn’t respond, give him some time and then try again. People can’t stay mad forever. Ensure him that everything is okay, be willing to talk, and most importantly, be patient and understanding. FYI, this applies to someone you’re dating — not someone you sent on a date with once or twice. He shouldn’t be in his feelings that much at that point.

Though this isn’t the best excuse for a man, maybe he hasn’t called you back because he has simply forgotten to do so. Anything and everything can happen in a day, and maybe he had all intentions of calling you back but his work life became a bit hectic and it slipped to the back of his mind and his to-do list.

When a man forgets to call or text you back, just send him a reminder. Don’t hesitate to call or text him again, but don’t push things too much. When he sees your name come up on his phone again, you’ll refresh his memory and as long as this is the real issue, you can expect him to hit you back eventually.

Sadly enough, there are men out there who will wine and dine you, take you on dates, and put on a front that they care, but this will only last until he gets what he wants. When a man is using you or playing you for sex, it’s not unlikely that one day out of the blue he will stop returning your calls and texts. If a man is only interested in one thing and he gets it, he won’t stick around.

If a man has recently stopped communicating with you after you’ve done something for him, such as had sex with him or loaned him a little bit of money, it’s more likely than not that he has been using you from the beginning. Don’t expect him to come back around and if he does, don’t welcome him back in.