Actor Ajibola Dabo Reveals Why He Wears Only WHITE Clothes…..

Nollywood actor, Ajibola Dabo in a recent interview revealed why he loves wearing white clothes. The actor who has also joined politics says he loves white so much that he can’t sleep on any bed except it has a white bed spread.

Read Excerpts below:

“My wearing white dress to event has to do with my spiritualism. That is the only time my soul is at peace and I am at peace with myself. I can never be caught wearing other colours except when I am working on a movie set.”

“It has nothing to do with rituals or anything like that. If I sleep with bed sheet that is not white, I would have nightmares. So, it (wearing white) has to do with my spiritualism. It is not juju or rituals; it is just my inner self, he said.