Be the Change You Seek

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Change is everywhere these days. The presidential candidates are campaigning for change. And we are experiencing turbulent change due to natural and man-made disasters.

Change has a way of bringing fears to the surface. Most people ride the precarious wave of the unhappy familiar until something comes crashing down or knocks them on the head to awaken them. Stress is like a rubber band, stretching it beyond its limits until it breaks. The economy has been stressed beyond its limit of integrity. The signs were there that the economic bubble was about to burst and it did. Placing blame is not going to fix anything. The past is not the future. You are the future!

There’s a story I like about twin brothers with extreme personalities. It goes something like this: One was an extreme optimist and the other an extreme pessimist. Their parents took them to a psychiatrist to see if he could help the boys become less extreme in their outlooks.

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The psychiatrist had a plan to dampen the pessimistic young boy. He put him in a room full of new toys. Upon entering the room the boy stood there with his mouth wide open and then began to cry. The baffled doctor asked him what was wrong. The boy said: “I am afraid to play with any of the toys, because I will break them.”

With the optimistic twin boy the psychiatrist decided to take the boy to a farm. The doctor took him to an area behind the stable where there was a big pile of manure. The doctor surely thought there wasn’t anything positive the young boy would see in the pile of manure. But to his surprise the boy started shoveling through the manure. The surprised doctor couldn’t believe his eyes. “What are you doing?” he asked the boy. The optimistic boy eagerly told him that with all this manure, there surely must be a pony underneath it!

With all change comes the decision to be optimistic or pessimistic. Reacting to unsatisfactory circumstances and/or events with negative emotions will only attract more of the same. Your emotions are attractors. If you feel fear, you will attract results in alignment to the fear. If you feel happiness, you will attract more happiness. You have the power to choose: Fear or happiness. Your emotions are energy emanating from your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Nature is energy, and it is your nature to evolve and get to choose.

You are the future of change. You are responsible for who you be in the matter of change – pessimistic or optimistic.

Questions Have the Answers:

• What are your negative beliefs regarding your future?

• How are they serving you?

• What is it you want?


1. You are the future. Get out of the left side of your brain and use your creative, resourceful right side of your brain to design the future you want.

2. Do not worry about the how. The “how” will set your inner critics and fears off on a field day.

3. Your imagination is the key to a new future. You are part of the collective consciousness of change with your own unique talents.

4. Believe that under the manure, there must be a pony!




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