Apps : A Tool For Increased Productivity

Smart people are always in search of how to increase their productivity, whether at the business or personal level. The need to be productive remains the holy grail of Mankind.
Technology has provided solutions to several problems and these solutions have in turned helped people to perform at optimal levels thereby realising personal and business success.

The solutions provided by the use of technology come in different forms, take the advent of mobile application. At the onset there were just a handful of apps across varying platforms, now find innumerable apps that cater to our different need. Whatever you can think up, there is probably already an app for it.

From the app that helps you get delicious recipes from people around the world, to the app that helps you scan and manage documents seamlessly. Indeed technology has ceased to be just another sector of the economy but is now infused into every aspect of our lives.

Take the daily task of getting around the bustling cities of Lagos and Abuja. Well you guessed it- there is an app for that. It’s called AfroCab. AfroCab is a ride-hailing app that allows users to hail rides from anywhere they are, whether in Lagos or Abuja. AfroCab app can be downloaded here


The ease and convenience of getting a ride in advance from the comfort of your home makes this incredible app stand out for me. The App also saves you the stress and time of individually negotiating with a driver, this is because the app (unlike the rest in its category) lets you set your price, once the price is set your bid is immediately sent to hundreds of drivers on the AfroCab service who then choose to either reject or accept the offer.
With so many features packed together in one app, perhaps more Nigerians will be encouraged to leave their cars at home and explore the benefits of hailing a ride with AfroCab.

This also helps reduce the psychologically draining traffic situations we experience in the metropolis. AfroCab can be downloaded here.

How does one take advantage of technology and leverage its power in being more productive? For early adopters, this may not be a problem, but for the less tech-savvy it’s a paradigm shift in mind-set. The shift involves getting uncomfortable with the old and getting comfortable with the new.


The usual and perhaps mundane way of operating may not be as beneficial as you think and may be the cause of low productivity. Choose to live smart and embrace a better way of moving around.

Download AfroCab here 


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