7 Most Disgusting Things We Do For Our Beloved

Actually, some of the so-called nasty things do not look too nasty when we genuinely love someone. The things listed below might turn your stomach, but I am pretty sure you have also done something of the sort. Surprisingly enough, most people have and always will. Why? That’s simply because they love each other.
You love yourself and this explains why you do not feel disgusted with yourself when you are trying to squeeze that annoying acne. We are human beings and everyday routine teaches us to tolerate ourselves and others.
We have listed 7 most disgusting things that people are ready to do for their partners. Let’s see how far love can take us. And would you be ready and willing to do any of these for your spouse?

1. Rubbing feet.
Both genders find feet too gross to touch. And no, we are not now talking about foot fetishists who can spend hours touching someone’s feet. Yet we readily give our partner foot massage if we know this will help them relax and feel healthier.

2. Squeezing zits.
Have you ever been asked by your spouse to see what’s there on his back? If so, then, as a rule, it all ends up with you trying to squeeze that nasty thing out. Every lady is sensitive. And touching acne is not the most pleasant things for us to do. But nothing is impossible for a woman who is deeply in love with her man.

3. Empty the cat’s litter.
Do you hate cats? Who cares! If, let’s say, your wife is pregnant, you will do all possible to make your feel happier. Expecting a baby is always an exciting event for the couple. If taking care of a cat’s poo is a big deal and causes problems then how about your baby’s poo and vomit? You do want to be a good husband and dad, don’t you? Then practice on your cat for a while! Try and learn to tolerate or even like doing what you have hated so far. After all, your wife is going through hard times as well. Appreciate it because she is doing it for you, too.

4. Clean up vomit.
Cleaning up your baby’s vomit is one thing. But what if the “baby” is around your own age? Well, then that’s a different story. No doubt cleaning this nasty stuff up is no fun, but you realize that when your spouse is sick you are the only person around to help him or her out.

5. Picking teeth.
In comparison to the 4 previously mentioned things this one sounds quite ok. If you haven’t yet been asked to see if something is stuck in your hubby’s teeth, then, I can assure you, it will soon happen. Luckily, most couples do not find it appalling and gladly dig out whatever is stuck in-between their spouse’s teeth.

6. Using the bathroom together.
I am not talking about you and your hubby taking shower together. That is absolutely romantic and would be included in the list of thing we enjoy. I am talking about you taking a shower and your spouse using the toilet at the same time. Men might be less sensitive about this topic while ladies, especially those who consider themselves clean freaks, find this awfully nasty. Whether you like it or not, some couples do this

7. “Bump” inspection.
This procedure involves examining your partner’s itchy and painful spots on his body. Usually it’s his back and there is no other way for him to see and figure out how to solve the problem. Playing a doctor for a few minutes is not an issue with me. I do this for my husband and I know that if something bothered me some day, he would do the same to help me.

source: wmnlife.com