Rapper, Bobby Shmurda Arrested In Connection With Drug Trafficking In New York



Hot Boy crooner, Bobby Shmurda who has been a rap sensation and has become even more popular for inventing the Shmurda dance will face gun and drug trafficking charges on 18 december according to a New York prosecutor.

Bobby Shmurda was one of 15 people arrested Wednesday morning as part of a long-term investigation into a series of gang-related shootings and drug trafficking in New York. The up-and-coming rapper, whose song Hot Boy was recently a US top 10 hit, is being held ahead of his Manhattan supreme court arraignment.

Sixteen weapons were confiscated in the raid of Shmurda’s car. Officers detained 14 members of Shmurda’s entourage, including G-Unit’s Sha Money XL and several members of Shmurda’s group GS9.